What is the best apple for juicing: Red or green apple?

Fruit is always a great source of nutrients to create a healthy body. Among them, apples are a fruit that contains many essential nutrients that you should consume in your body every day.

Instead of eating apples as usual, many people like to juice apple to drink every day. This way the nutrients in the apple are preserved and you do not need to spend a lot of time chewing apples.

However, people still can’t help arguing over the issue: red or green apples, what is the best apple for juicing?

Both types of apples have excellent amounts of nutrition, but they have different flavors, which is why people argue.

To find out which apples are better for juicing, let’s take a look at some information.

#1 Green apple

Green apples usually have a slightly sour taste, less sweet, crispy texture and thick skin. This fruit is often misunderstood as unripe, but this is the form when they are mature enough.

Because green apples are low in sugar, they are ideal for people following a diet.

Green apples also contain lots of fiber and carbohydrates, so it’s good for the digestive system. Its crunchy texture makes the juicing process more satisfying and easier.

For green apple juice, if you like sweets will feel it is not interesting and bland, but for those who are careful with sugar, this is a great drink.

#2 Red apple

Red apples are often sweet, less acidic, with a porous texture and a thinner skin than green apples. This type of apple is often loved for its sweetness and aroma, so besides making juice, it is also an ingredient in many other dishes.

Red apples are ideal for antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. Red apples are rich in anthocyanins so it has a great role to play in improving aging.

Those who follow a strict diet may find it uncomfortable with the amount of sugar in red apples, but it is still the flavor most loved.

Red apples are often sprayed with pesticides so you should soak them with saltwater before juicing to ensure health.