Unveiling the Future of High-Performance Dedicated Servers at KnownHost


Innovation and Performance: A New Era Begins

At KnownHost, we’re thrilled to usher in a new era of high-performance computing with our latest dedicated server offerings. Our commitment to delivering state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled performance remains unwavering, as evidenced by our newest updates to the dedicated server lineup.

AMD’s Powerhouse Additions

Firstly, we’re introducing servers powered by AMD Ryzen 7950X, a testament to cutting-edge computing with its DDR5 memory support and top of the line single thread performance. This addition not only promises speed but also efficiency for any demanding application. Complementing this, our lineup now includes the AMD EPYC 7131P and 7443P models, designed for those who require full U.3 NVMe capability, and a large core count for deep processing to ensure faster data access and improved server performance.

Intel’s Technological Leap Forward

On the Intel front, we’re excited to announce the inclusion of the E-2436 and 2488 processors, each boasting DDR5 memory and enhanced storage capabilities through both U.3 NVMe and M.2 NVMe support. These processors represent Intel’s commitment to innovation, offering robust solutions for complex computing needs while balancing that ever important price to performance ratio.

Expanding Intel Xeon’s Capabilities

Adding to our Intel Xeon series, the Silver 4410T and 4416+ models join our lineup, featuring DDR5 memory and comprehensive support for U.3 NVMe and M.2 NVMe storage options. These servers are designed to tackle the most challenging workloads, offering reliability and performance that KnownHost customers have come to expect.

Why Choose KnownHost’s New Lineup?

Our new dedicated server offerings are more than just hardware upgrades; they are a commitment to providing our customers with the tools they need to succeed in an ever-evolving digital landscape. Whether you’re managing high-traffic websites, complex databases, or intricate applications, Our server offerings allow us to engineer a solution to meet and exceed your expectations.

Experience the KnownHost Difference

We invite you to explore these new additions on our sales page, where you’ll find detailed specifications and customization options to suit your specific needs. With KnownHost, you’re not just getting a server; you’re getting a partner dedicated to supporting your growth and success.

Discover more about our latest dedicated server offerings and how they can propel your projects forward by visiting KnownHost’s Dedicated Servers.

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