What are different types of road shower alternative?

If you are outdoor enthusiasts enjoy pitching your tents in remote locations, you may have to go several days without taking a proper shower. This will require you to maintain hygiene in other ways.

The good news is times have changed and now we have the road shower alternative, which allow you to wash off the dirt and the bed smell after hiking a day long. It provides a better method for daily cleansing than using a bucket with full of cold river water.

#1 Solar powered road shower

This is the most common type id road shower that you can easy find in the market. You also can get these unit with an affordable price as it does not take you any operational cost to keep the water warm. The only thing you need to warm up the water is daylight.

Normally the solar powered road shower will include a black bag made form PVC to storage water and a hose connected up to this bag. But the higher quality and technology solar showers will generally come with PVC-free materials. This model also offers you many different sizes to choose from. Their capacity from smaller units is 2,5 gallons to larger ones capable of holding 5 gallons or more.

There is the only drawback of this type is its power source – it requires sun light to operate. Although it is the great way to warm up water as it saves energy and costless, it is not nearly as quick as other method.

#2 Battery Powered

This is also the next option that many people choose when they are camping if you want something that convenient as a home shower. Most battery powered shower out there are use 4 D cell batteries, just a few other unit use different kind of batteries.

This type of shower includes a hose and pump with a shower head that draws the water from a container. The advantage is that you can easy find 4 D cell batteries when it need to be replaced. It is also very portable.

However, the drawback is that you should carefully consider before decide to get this shower as you may have to replace batteries regular of you have to bring a generator with you in the trip and you also need to find the other method for warming the water.