Healed Children – Stories of Recovery By Jessica Galligani

Two years ago today, on our first day of summer vacation, I noticed that there was something terribly wrong with my son. I tried to ignore it and hope that it would go away but over the next few weeks things just continued to get worse until he was completely debilitated. He had horrible contamination OCD, anxiety, he couldn’t eat or drink, he couldn’t find a safe place to sleep, he wouldn’t let anyone touch him, he was angry, depressed, and couldn’t get along with anyone. He was unable to leave the house and he spent his entire summer on the couch. We tried abx and they brought him to about 75% but that wasn’t good enough. We were loosing our son and we were desperate to try anything.

Through facebook I found a Pandas support group. It was so nice knowing that we were not alone and that others were going through this same hell. It is there that God sent us an angel. Michelle Voss Stephens has truly been our angel. In our darkest Pandas hell she was our light. She told me how homeopathy helped her daughter, led me down the path, supported me along the way and is now healing our entire family.

Homeopathy has truly been a miracle for our son and has changed our lives forever. Today we will celebrate! Our son is recovered from Pandas. He is happy, heathy and doing great! I couldn’t be more thankful for Michelle. It has been an amazing journey and I have met so many wonderful people along the way. We are so blessed!

Like so many others on this journey, our 8 year old was a case of heart-wrenching regressive autism/PDD-NOS and PANDAS which became increasingly obvious to us when he was between the ages of 2 and 3.

In the 5-6 years we have been healing him, we have tried it all! Our treatments spanned the gamut from dietary interventions and natural, as well as prescription antimicrobials to years of chelation….and many others. Our son has historically been a responder to all of our treatments, which has kept us actively pursuing recovery without fail, but it seemed as though everything only resulted in temporary symptom abatement. Without the support of the chosen treatment, he would backslide almost immediately. That is, until we decided to focus our energy 100% on homeopathy supported by soil based organisms.

The staying power of homeopathy is undeniable. We have now been using homeopathy exclusively for over a year. Our son went from experiencing 24/7 extreme anxiety and anger, rigid routines, OCD and debilitating tics to being able to rationalize and calm himself in stressful situations, he transitions normally between activities and he is free of tics. His improvements can be seen on all levels. Some are subtle and less obvious until time passes and we look back on our progress while others are glaringly obvious and immediate. There was a time when his tics had us worried that he might be experiencing seizures, thankfully we have come through the other side with perseverance and trust in the power of homeopathy.