Every coffee lover need these


To begin with, do not grind your beans but purchase them whole. Ground coffee has a tendency to easily go bad. The freshness and flavor will last much longer if left whole until you decide to make your brew! You likewise need to keep the beans fresh for as long as you can. For this, you’ll need an airtight canister. There are a lot of alternatives for this but the OXO pop containers have a special place in my heart – I own several shapes and sizes.


So you will store your coffee beans in an airtight container until whenever you’re ready to use them. When it is time to grind, you’ll need the right kind of grinder and best kind of coffee maker. We committed the amateur blunder of utilizing a standard sharp edge grinder for our coffee beans for a really long time. For your coffee to be great, you have to grind it using a burr grinder and I guarantee, there’s a justifiable explanation behind it! Burr grinders can give you a uniform size of grounds and you can determine how fine you need them to be ground. For the French press, for instance, a coarser grind is required while trick coffee can be okay. Additionally, the burr tough on the beans amid the grinding procedure! The typical coffee lover gifts are quite often burr grinders.


Next on the list is your hot water. You’ll need hot water whether it is French press or pour over. You can do great with a stovetop pot but we strongly recommend the electric water pot. In the event that you travel abroad, particularly to places that are known for hot tea, you’ll see that the electric pot is great and it gets the job done so just stick to it! The electric pots are fast and are very great during times when you’re struggling to wake up!


At this point, we believe you have the beans and the water to make it. There are quite a lot of coffee mixes to make but we will concentrate on French press and pour over.

Many individuals prefer the idea and flavor of pour over coffee (actually pouring hot water over fine grounds coffee into a cup). The disadvantage of this method is that the coffee gets cold staying there to complete the process of preparing and trickling through so much air. We decided to get around this by wrapping the entire pour over carafe in foil. It sure helped, but the truth is that it takes a lot of time! Thus, to start with, you can complete a single pour over or you can utilize a large carafe – depending on the number of servings you need to make. In case you’re trying to make more than one cup, here’s a little secret to keeping your espresso warm… You require a bistro pitcher! You know those carafes they use at breakfast eateries? Turns out whoever made those stuff know exactly what they’re doing. So in case you’re brewing coffee for a few people or you simply need to make it once and pour yourself a cup, the pitcher is a magnificent idea! You can do the pour over right into the carafe if you want it so

Be that as it may, we love our French press! The charm of our Bodum French Press does make it interesting. We’re rooting for the more grounded coffee flavor since it doesn’t get cold before we take a sip, and that it’s a genuinely ideal coffee choice, regardless of the time you need it. Heat up the water and after that let the grounds sit with the water for a short while before pushing down the strainer. These lovable demitasse spoons were a lovely present I got for my spouse when we began making our own coffee at home.