PVA glue vs Epoxy glue: Which is the best types of wood glue?

PVA glue and Epoxy glue are two common glues and are widely used on craft projects. They are commonly used by carpenters to bond wood materials.

So what is the best types of wood glue between these two types of glue?

#1 PVA glue

PVA glue is opaque white in color, compared to conventional glues, PVA glue has better bonding ability and is more durable.

PVA glue with the main ingredient of Poly (Vinyl Acetac), an organic polymer compound, can be glued on many surfaces, so their application is very popular and widely used.

PVA glue is often used to glue wood, paper, wall stickers, carton covers, carpets, children’s toys, etc and this is also a handmade material that many people use.

PVA glue can be mixed with water to paste. Normally, PVA glue is very sticky, so in many cases, people will add a little more water to make the glue thinner, more usable, but the adhesive capacity will also decrease in proportion to water.

To use PVA adhesive, first clean and dry the surfaces to be glued, then apply the adhesive to the surface and glue them.

It takes 5-10 minutes for the adhesive to dry and if it is for longer than possible, note if the glue sticks to another place, you need to wipe it off before drying.

#2 Epoxy glue

Epoxy adhesive is a type of glue with 2 main components: A and B. Component A is the curing part, and B is the epoxy adhesive.

Currently, it is widely used in many different fields such as wood processing, shipbuilding, construction of construction works, in everyday life.

Uses of AB glue:

  • Sealing cracks on the concrete surface to limit the condition of the wall or the surface of the concrete continuing to crack wider, effectively preventing leakage.
  • Attach wall hooks and other plastic objects to the wall used to secure the item to the wall, this glue can ensure that the item is firmly held to your wishes.

In short, both of these glues can work well with wood materials. However, PVA glue is more suitable for small craft projects or for household furniture. It favors sophistication and is suitable for lightweight materials.

Epoxy adhesive is ideal for bonding heavy and large materials. So each type of glue has a certain effect on your project.