How to choose the best 6 quart stock pot

Stock pot is now an indispensable thing in the kitchen. This versatile product is one of those kitchen essentials that creating a large variety of dishes. There are many dishes can cook by only one 6 quart stock pot, from soups to pasta, gravies, stews, chili and stir-fry too. But did you really know the best way to choose 6 quart stock pot?

#1 Price

The 6 quart stock pot should be purchased based on quality. Instead of taking the cheap price, consider taking a stock pot with high quality. The product should be made with stainless steel material and have more than one layer.

It will help the stock pot have a long-life span, high durability, retainer of heat. Stainless steel material is not react with the food inside so it is safe to use, especial for kids. Besides, this material is safe for dishwasher, making the clean-up process more quickly, and oven-safe surface makes it extremely versatile.

#2 Nonstick

Though the main function is for cooking soups and stews, but nonstick is also necessary. It will make your stock pot become more versatile by making fried meals.

You do not have to add lots of oil because of  the nonstick surface, that means you can cook with less fat.

#3 Core

Consisting of aluminum in core will provide heat for 6 quart stock pot rapidly and even heating not only at the bottom of the stock pot, but also the walls surrounding

#4 Lid

The best 6 quart stock pot must to have a tight fitting lid. Ensure the lid is tight enough that prevent heat can rush out.

It can be made of the same material as the pot, or made of tempered glass lid. The glass lid has a shorter long-life span but it easy to see what is inside.

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