18 Best Squarespace Designer Templates 2024


Transform your website from “meh” to “wow” with these gorgeous Squarespace designer templates.

It doesn’t matter if you want to revamp your existing online presence or start fresh; the right template can make a huge difference.

However, so you don’t find yourself lost in the pool of Squarespace’s design, we’ve scoured the web and picked only the ultimate solutions.

These designs will make your site pop, engage visitors, and reflect your unique style and professionalism.

Moreover, you’re welcome to alter and enrich them with your creative spirit.

From sleek and modern to cozy and creative, here’s something for everyone.

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Best Squarespace Designer Templates

Ready to discover the templates that will elevate your online design presence?

1. Novo

novo squarespace artists template

Novo is an elegant, minimalist, yet bold template with a large two-column grid on the home page. Each thumbnail reveals the title on hover and is clickable, linking to neat project pages. The latter has a big featured image, then text, followed by a gallery.

Besides the home page, Novo has a contact page with a contact form that opens in a popup. You’ll also find social media icons in the header and footer for easier connection.

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2. Bergen

bergen squarespace designer template

Bergen is a Squarespace designer template with a massive single-column home page, putting an extra shine on your work. There are also contrasting black CTA buttons to view project pages with a beautiful grid.

What I also like about Bergen is the floating header, so the navigation links and “contact us” button are always within reach.

Moreover, the About and Services pages are ready-to-use, allowing you to present your business and offerings comprehensively.

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3. Nolan

nolan squarespace designer template

What makes Nolan pop is the impressive black and white contrasting background sections. This will surely keep your visitors’ attention glued to the screen.

The above-the-fold section starts with large text, followed by an image that eases you into the content.

For a better browsing experience, the header disappears on a down scroll and appears when you return to the top. No need for the tedious scrolling!

Additional pages for company, services, work and contact are also predefined, saving you time and effort.

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4. Montclaire


Montclaire is a Squarespace designer template with a simple yet bold hero section featuring a solid background with overlayed text. The header, base and footer all have the same background color for a more seamless look.

From a floating header and subscription form to eCommerce functionality and a pleasant About page, Montclaire has it all and then some.

In short, if you’d like to sell your designs online, you might just do it with the convenience of Montclaire.

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5. Gates


Gates’s masonry grid on the home page sparks interest right from the get-go. The grid works with lightbox functionality to ensure a more immersive experience when viewing your masterpieces.

Gates keeps it pretty simple, only rocking a home page and an About page, which also has a contact form.

It also includes social icons and a disappearing/reappearing header that changes depending on the scrolling movement.

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6. Otto


Otto is a Squarespace template with a minimalist vibe. It has a sleek, simple layout where the words do the talking, not endless images.

The header and footer are super clean, no fuss. But here’s the cool part: there’s this massive, eye-catching slideshow for your projects.

Plus, a neat contact button – pop! A form appears.

Otto is perfect for a one-page site, keeping everything organized and only a few scrolls apart. (For more design choices, you may also want to check these Squarespace one-page templates.)

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7. Cami

cami squarespace artists template

Cami keeps things cohesive with the same color background everywhere – header, base and footer.

It starts with bold text at the top and flows into a single column just for your projects.

Cami’s got contact and blog pages all set to go, so all you have to do is stuff them with your content.

Plus, your socials get a spot in the navbar, and down in the footer, there’s your clickable email, just a click away.

Remember, you’re free to modify Cami however you want or use it out of the box.

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8. Agaro


Agaro has a lively and energetic design with plenty of great detailing, rounded corners and animations to keep the visitors engaged throughout.

Unique sections present images with original shapes, while the text is large and easy to read. The template also uses plenty of white space to ensure skimming through content can be quick and resourceful.

And then there’s the contrasting dark footer that pops nicely with quick links, contact details, and more.

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9. Iris

iris squarespace designer template

Iris keeps it clean with a transparent header, housing all the necessary links and social media icons.

As you scroll, bam – there’s this cool parallax effect that makes everything feel “3D.”

This Squarespace designer template has a big area for raving testimonials and a signup form to keep everyone in the loop.

The footer is dark and classy, with a search bar tucked in. Plus, there’s a detailed services page, with FAQs and all.

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10. Gigi

gigi squarespace designer template

Gigi is a Squarespace template gem. It smartly mixed modernism with elegance to keep the interest at an all-time high.

It has engaging sections that make your content pop. And it’s not just a pretty face – there are pages for everything: about you, your projects, blog, and even a contact page with a form and Google Maps.

The footer has quick links, a place to sign up, and your latest Insta shots.

Gigi is the whole package, making your site effortlessly chic.

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11. Victoria

victoria squarespace designer template

At the top, Victoria has cool overlaid images with text and a “work with me” button.

As you scroll, content pops up like magic for a smooth user experience. The detailed services page is all about clarity, so potential clients know precisely what to expect.

Furthermore, Victoria also has a spot to sign up for news directly and portfolio pages with a lightbox gallery.

The footer is huge, offering a snapshot of the biz, quick links, social buttons, and an IG feed.

Note: You might also be interested in these fantastic Squarespace portfolio templates.

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12. Ventura

ventura squarespace designer template

Ventura is a Squarespace designer template with a bold, fresh vibe and graphics that jump out at you. It’s playful, with sections that make browsing fun.

Got a story? The About page is where it’s at. Services page? Lays it all out there. And the blog section is a dream for sharing your thoughts, news, process, and more.

Need to get in touch? Boom, working contact form at your service.

Then there’s the footer – dark, contrasting; it ties everything together perfectly.

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13. Nova


Nova’s Squarespace template is like a burst of daylight – vibrant, meticulously crafted, and adorned with an eye-catching color palette.

It’s designed with expansive sections, ensuring every piece of your content gets the spotlight it deserves.

One of the large sections is fully dedicated to sliding testimonials that bring your audience’s words to life.

Regarding navigation, Nova has a drop-down menu for effortless and organized navigation.

And there’s also an about page that captures the essence of your brand with charisma and personality.

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14. Luna

luna squarespace designer template

The Luna Squarespace designer template is a dance of visuals with its moving parallax layers, adding depth and motion as you scroll. So. Cool.

It boasts a vibrant design, wrapped in a striking contrast with its dark header and footer that stand out nicely.

Navigation becomes an interactive experience as links illuminate upon hover, guiding your visitors with style.

A dedicated subscription section invites engagement, while the footer transforms into a sprawling image grid, mirroring an Instagram feed. (But you can use it for something else, too.)

Luna is a dynamic canvas for your online presence.

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15. Scandi

scandi squarespace designer template

Scandi is a Squarespace template that takes minimalism to heart, drawing inspiration from the serene and functional Scandinavian aesthetic.

It features a variety of internal pages tailored for the speed of website creation, avoiding working from scratch.

The header cleverly disappears and reappears as you scroll, adding an element of interaction. With subtle animations and the parallax effect on images, Scandi brings your site a dynamic yet calm dimension.

The large footer offers ample space, and the straightforward contact page includes just what’s needed – an uncluttered, inviting form.

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16. Libertás

libertas squarespace designer template

Libertás is all about choices – the template includes two home page designs to start with, each telling your story in a unique way.

The clear header has a neat drop-down menu for smooth navigation. This comes in extra handy if you have many pages and categories – keep it organized.

Then, these awesome GIF-like images bring your site to life. Not to mention, the portfolio page is something else that will really set you apart.

And sliders? They’re huge! One for your images and another massive one just for testimonials.

Libertás isn’t just a Squarespace template; it’s a showcase superstar to take your web presence to the next level.

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17. Marigold

marigold squarespace designer template

Marigold is fashionable with its thin lines and stretches your images full-width for that wow effect.

It gives your portfolio the spotlight it deserves, with tons of room to shine. And it’s not just about looks; predefined pages are ready to roll out of the box.

Another thing that’s really awesome about Marigold is that it includes Canva graphics for that added custom touch.

The recent project carousel keeps things lively, and accordions neatly tuck away FAQs for curious minds.

Marigold’s the template that says, “I mean business,” but in the chicest way possible.

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18. Signify

signify squarespace designer template

Right off the bat, Signify hits you with a project carousel, making your work the star. Its design screams high-end, blending style with functionality.

The header’s crisp, housing menu links, social icons, and a neat CTA button for bookings. Dive deeper, and you’ll find accordions that neatly stash away extra details.

There’s a smooth testimonial slider to boost your credibility, and for each project, a dedicated page showcases your work with an elegant image grid.

Signify is a Squarespace designer template that makes the first impression a lasting one.

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How To Make A Designer Website With Squarespace

Creating a designer website with Squarespace can be a fun and rewarding project.

  • Sign up: Visit Squarespace.com and create an account. Squarespace offers plans tailored to different personal, business, and commerce needs.
  • Select a template: Browse the Squarespace templates above and select one that aligns with your design vision and website goals. (Remember, you can customize almost everything.)
  • Customize your template: Open the Squarespace editor and modify your chosen template. This is where your creativity comes into play. Adjust the layout, fonts and colors, and add your own images and logos to make it yours.
  • Add your content: Fill your site with engaging content that tells your story or showcases your work. This includes text, images, videos, and anything else that reflects your brand. Pay special attention to your homepage, about page, and contact page, as these are crucial for a good first impression.
  • Optimize for SEO: Use Squarespace’s built-in SEO tools to ensure your website is visible to search engines. This includes optimizing page titles and descriptions, using keywords effectively, and ensuring your site is mobile-friendly.
  • Publish and promote: Once you’re happy with your website, it’s time to hit the publish button. Share your new site on social media, with friends and colleagues, and through any other channels relevant to your audience.
  • FAQs About Squarespace Designer Templates

    Can I switch my Squarespace template after I’ve started designing my site?

    Yes, you can switch templates at any time. However, remember that some customizations may not transfer seamlessly, so you might need to reapply them in the new template.

    Are all Squarespace templates responsive?

    Yes. All Squarespace templates are designed to be mobile-responsive, ensuring your site looks great on devices of all sizes.

    Can I use more than one template on the same website?

    Squarespace allows you to use only one template at a time for a website. If you want a different look for specific pages, you can customize them further using Page Sections or the Design Panel.

    Do Squarespace templates come with built-in SEO features?

    Yes, Squarespace templates are built with SEO in mind. They include features like clean HTML markup, automatic sitemaps, and mobile responsiveness, all of which help improve your site’s SEO.

    How customizable are Squarespace templates?

    Squarespace templates are highly customizable. You can change layouts, colors, fonts, and add custom CSS to create a unique look for your site. However, the degree of customization might vary slightly between templates.

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