Texaco Service Station

Currentsituation..TODAY!!!! TODAY!! Dec. 16, 2017. TEZZARush. Car clubs Link UP.
Get There!! Location : Texaco Service Station (Mary Browns Corner, Kingston)

futuristiclightingandsupplies On ma way
tezzaworld_ja: TezzaRush was lit. Link up was a good look. #tezzalinkup #tezzaworld_ja #beamslife #sxe10
levi_real_steele: When is the rest of the pic TW? Need fi see the machine dem.
7760_dj: If them clean one time
Tezzaworld Jamaica link up. Dec 16, 2017. TEZZA RUSH
Big ups to all who came out. #tezzaworld_ja #tezzalinkup
Tezzaworld Link up was a good look
#tezzaworld_ja #tezzalinkup #altezza #altezzaclub #lexus #jdm #is200 #beamsengine #is300 #sxe10

Power Steering Whine

Hi All,

My car has develped a loud whine from cold. There is fluid in the reservoir, does anyone know how I can drain the system so that I can put some new fluid in? Is there anything else to check why it might be making this whine?

On another note, i had issues with the car running badly and not engaging VVTI, i cleaned out the MAF and the car is like new nowm pulls strong and hard.

Thanks in advance

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A New Year – A New TezzaWorld!

With a New Year comes a new Tezzaworld. Over the last while I have been putting a lot of effort into an all new site so hopefully you all enjoy it. If you have any questions, suggestions or come across any problems please don’t hesitate to contact me. All feedback is greatly appreciated!

Don’t worry the garage isn’t gone, I’m in the middle of upgrading it also so watch this space!

Happy New Year! :D

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Please help support your club.

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Over the last few years the club has been funded purely by the administration of the forum.
With traders offering discount to members it’s just not fair asking them to pay to advertise on here and I’m sure some of you have saved money by taking advantage of this discount.

What we are asking is for members to donate what they can to help cover the running costs of the club for this year.
This money will be put towards site hosting and domain fees, Stickers/Shows/Meets/Events and club merchandise.

I’m sure you will all agree that over your time on here you have found the club to be helpful and a friendly place, Offering all members the same experience. No membership fees, Special members forum, limited function forum use like other clubs.
So please if you have brought something on here, sold something or got some sort of discount through the club please give a little back.

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