Can you use hard anodized cookware on a glass top stove?

Glass top stoves are easy to clean and has attractive design, making it one of the most valued items in the kitchen. However, it is essential to know that not every cookware is suitable for a glass top stove. You have to carefully learn about best cookware for glass top stoves 2020 as the top surface of the glass is sensitive, it is tough to maintain.

There is the question many users want to know is that: Can hard anodized cookware be used on a glass top stove? Anodized cookware is safe to use on ranges with smooth glass cooktops.

#1 What is hard anodized cookware

Anodized cookware made from aluminum that has been chemically treated and cured with electricity in order to make it more durable and non-reactive to acidic foods. Aluminum is a less expensive metal making it the obvious choice for anodizing. Anodized is also resistant to corrosion and nearly impenetrable.

#2 Why hard anodized cookware can be used on glass top stove?

Some enamel-finished cookware can permanently damage glass cooktops if it’s overheated, but that can’t happen with an anodized aluminum finish. Anodized cookware usually has flat bottoms, which make good contact with glass cook top burners.

Not only that, hard anodized aluminum bottom is produced to heat up quickly, and distribute evenly over the entire cooking surface. Hard anodized are durable that for very long time and easy to clean. Their nonstick surface requires less effort of maintain. Hard anodized cookware are both dishwasher and oven safe.

#3 Compatibility Testing

If you want to check your cookware is appropriate for use on glass-top ranges, you can water into your pan, ensure that the water is enough to cover the bottom. Placing the pan on the glass top stove and turn on the stove to high heat and watch the bubbles form. If the bubbles form evenly across the surface of the pan, that mean your pan is making good contact and appropriate with the glass top stove.

#4 Noticeable things when using hard anodized cookware

Hard anodized cookware can leave dark marks on the glass surface if it’s slid across the cooktop, so it should be moved by lifting. And if there are any dark marks, they should be removed immediately to prevent permanently dark marks in the surface.

Hard anodized is heavy so if it is dropped, it may crack or break the glass surface as well, be attention when lifting it over your stove.

PVA glue vs Epoxy glue: Which is the best types of wood glue?

PVA glue and Epoxy glue are two common glues and are widely used on craft projects. They are commonly used by carpenters to bond wood materials.

So what is the best types of wood glue between these two types of glue?

#1 PVA glue

PVA glue is opaque white in color, compared to conventional glues, PVA glue has better bonding ability and is more durable.

PVA glue with the main ingredient of Poly (Vinyl Acetac), an organic polymer compound, can be glued on many surfaces, so their application is very popular and widely used.

PVA glue is often used to glue wood, paper, wall stickers, carton covers, carpets, children’s toys, etc and this is also a handmade material that many people use.

PVA glue can be mixed with water to paste. Normally, PVA glue is very sticky, so in many cases, people will add a little more water to make the glue thinner, more usable, but the adhesive capacity will also decrease in proportion to water.

To use PVA adhesive, first clean and dry the surfaces to be glued, then apply the adhesive to the surface and glue them.

It takes 5-10 minutes for the adhesive to dry and if it is for longer than possible, note if the glue sticks to another place, you need to wipe it off before drying.

#2 Epoxy glue

Epoxy adhesive is a type of glue with 2 main components: A and B. Component A is the curing part, and B is the epoxy adhesive.

Currently, it is widely used in many different fields such as wood processing, shipbuilding, construction of construction works, in everyday life.

Uses of AB glue:

  • Sealing cracks on the concrete surface to limit the condition of the wall or the surface of the concrete continuing to crack wider, effectively preventing leakage.
  • Attach wall hooks and other plastic objects to the wall used to secure the item to the wall, this glue can ensure that the item is firmly held to your wishes.

In short, both of these glues can work well with wood materials. However, PVA glue is more suitable for small craft projects or for household furniture. It favors sophistication and is suitable for lightweight materials.

Epoxy adhesive is ideal for bonding heavy and large materials. So each type of glue has a certain effect on your project.

Why you should use canister filter for a 50-55 Gallon aquarium?

The 50-55 gallon tank is the popular size of aquarium in the fish collecting community. If you want to transition to bigger tanks and consider the 50-55 gallon tank, maintenance is absolutely the first factor that you should learn about.

As a longtime enthusiast myself, I would recommend you to use canister filter as the best filter for 50-55 gallon aquarium. Canister filter is ideal to aid in filtration of water in 50-55 gallons aquariums, keeping the environment conducive for the survival of your fish. It is also reduce your effort you would incur to keep a large tank in the best working condition.

#1 Canister filter contain more filter media

50-55 gallons tank is not a small tank like what you used to keep before, that means the filter have to large enough to keep as much filter media as possible. And a canister filter should hold more filter media than other types with smaller capacities.

The more filter media, the effective filtration is. The amount of filter media available in the canister will determine the volume of water filtered at a current time. It makes a canister filter powerful enough to handle large volumes of water for any aquarium with a capacity ranging from 50 to 55 gallons. As the result, it increases the quality of the water and keep your fish healthy, active and comfortable.

Not only that, more filter media also means there are more space for the growth of beneficial bacteria in the tank. These bacteria play an important role as they remove harmful substances, especially such as ammonia, nitrites and nitrates, during the process of filtration.

#2 Canister filters run for longer

When it comes to aquarium filtration, you also should pay attention on the time to filter. The longer it takes to filter all the water, the better the quality of water for your tank. Canister filters are designed to run for much longer than others. That mean you do not have to spent much effort to maintain your tank frequently. As a result, you may eventually recover and save your money within the shortest time.

#3 Don’t take up much of space

Although canister filter for 50-55 gallons tank is place inside the tank and provide more powerful, you can also easily fine the compact size that suitable your tank. You can also hide it away by install it at a strategic corner within your aquarium environment and cover with some aquarium decoration.

So, the canister filter will not take up much of space. You do not need to worry that it takes up lots of internal swimming space of your fish. It also crate the hidden area for your fish.

Seed World USA reviews ( They do not sell cannabis seeds

If you are looking for grass seed, wildlife seed, pond supplies, and plant and nursery supplies, this Odessa Florida location is the place for you. It seems they have everything except the things that matter to most of us. They do not sell cannabis seeds as a best seed banks.

Strictly speaking even in restrictive states like Texas which forbid the cultivation of any type of cannabis, it’s legally possible to buy marijuana seeds as a novelty. Apparently, it’s a huge hoot to string some marijuana seeds around your neck as a jewelry item.

Whatever the case, there are plenty of places even within the United States where you can buy cannabis seeds, but Seed World USA is not one.


  • Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds Review
  • Good supply growers choice review
  • Seed world usa reviews
  • Cannabis seeds store uk review

Just as in the US, it is not illegal to sell cannabis seeds as novelty items as long as people agree not to cultivate them.

As far as variety goes, Cannabis Seed Store seems to have a bigger variety than even Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds. We counted over 80 varieties of feminized seeds, 60 regular seed brands and 60 varieties of auto flowering seeds.

Our biggest complaint, and really, it’s the only one about Cannabis Seed Store UK is that there appears to be no information about proper growing.

Perhaps it’s stepping over the line in the UK to provide such information for a “novelty” product, but Amsterdam Marijuana Seeds has everything you need to know on their website.

We rate the Cannabis Seed Store exceptional as well with the sole complaint being no growing information.

Best in sump protein skimmer: SCA-302 180 Gallon vs Bubble Magus BM-Curve 5

If you have a saltwater fish tank, then the protein skimmer is a thing you cannot skip. The best in sump protein skimmer will operate in a sump, hidden from view and work for reducing phosphates and nitrates, increasing oxygen concentration, maintaining proper water PH level, etc.

This post below is the comparison between the two best protein skimmers that may help you get the right one for your tank: SCA-302 180 Gallon Protein Skimmer vs Bubble Magus BM-Curve 5 Protein Skimmer.

#1 Aquarium size

It is obvious that you have to choose a protein in sump skimmer with the capacity that suitable for your tank size. Make sure that the skimmer can handle the volume of your tank.

The Bubble Magus BM-Curve 5 is rated to use for aquariums that hold up to 140 gallons of water. It includes a high performance SP1000 pump (22W – 120 V/60 Hz) with a venturi intake, which produces a huge amount of air bubbles in its reaction chamber. This is what makes Bubble Magus BM-Curve 5 a great value.

SCA-302 is a powerful skimmer that is a perfect investment for saltwater aquariums up to 180 gallons. It features a good power pump (700 GPH, 41 watts – 110 – 120 V/60 Hz).

#2 The skimmer size

Since you are looking for the in sump skimmer, so this device will not take the space inside your tank and also not seriously affects the aesthetics of the aquarium. But you have to consider the sump in the cabinet under your tank. Make sure that the skimmer you choose fits with the sump in the cabinet you have.

Bubble Magus BM-Curve 5 is quite compact in size, it measures 26W x 9H x 10L inches, which make it fit with most sump cabinet. While SCA-302 measure 9W x 18H x 9.5L inches, you will have to consider if your sump high enough to place this skimmer.

#3 Features

The Bubble Magus BM-Curve 5 includes a bubble plate that acts for reducing the turbulence in the reaction chamber for a spin out the time to connect between the bubbles and the organic waste in aquarium water. Due to this, BM-Curve 5 is very effective to remove organic waste and cleans your tank.

It also comes with an air silencer to ensure quiet operation. The pump wattage of the only 22W makes it very effective at saving energy costs.

SCA-302 includes the silencer, extra-large collection cup, needle wheel impeller, flow control, etc. The construction of this skimmer is not only aesthetic but also durable and long-lasting.

Best aquarium starter kits:  Coralife Biocube Aquarium Kit vs  BiOrb Cube Aquarium Starter Kit

If it is the first time you get to start with the keeping fish hobby, then the best aquarium starter kits are a good way to go. You can easily archive the success with the starter kits since they come handy with everything you need to jumpstart your fish keeping hobby and beginner-friendly manner.

These following are 2 reliable aquarium starter kit comparisons that may help you choose the right aquarium: Coralife 32 Gallon LED Biocube Aquarium Kit vs biOrb Cube 30 Gallon Aquarium Starter Kit.

Although these two starter kits have a similar size and equipment we still highly appreciate the Coralife LED Biocube Aquarium. Because it seems to be more durable and it’s an outstanding point of LED lighting effect and timer capabilities.

#1 The tank size and design

As the name suggested, you can easily realize the tank size of these two aquaria Coralife is 32 Gallons tank and biOrb Cube is 30 gallons tank. This is the ideal tank side for the beginner since they are not too small then you can easily maintain the stable water parameter. And they are also too large that do not need lots of space.

Coralife LED Biocube has a sleek modern hood with vibrant LED lighting, rounded edge designed and hinge-top canopy design. This is the best LED aquarium lighting that comes with the starter kits.  

Biorb Cube is made from acrylic material, which is 10 times stronger than glass, 50% lighter and has a 93% transparency rating. This is a traditional rectangular glass aquarium paired with a low profile hood. Provide 360 degrees view that is an unobstructed view of your aquarium inhabitants. It is also easy to set up and easy feeding access since it includes the feed hole conveniently located at the top of the Aquarium.

#2 What is in the kits?

If the tank kits are lacking some essential equipment, you will have to purchase them separately to ensure a healthy environment for your fish.

Coralife tank kit only includes tanks, lights with controls, and filters. You will need to buy a heater, air pump, decoration, and substrate, etc.

This is also happening with biOrb Cube since it only comes with tank, light, and filters a net and a few samples of food and water conditioner. You will want to add a heater, plants, substrate, and a testing kit.

 #3 Filter

biOrb Cube kit offer 5 stage filtration are: biological, mechanical, chemical, water stabilization and oxygenation. It also requires less effort of maintenance since all you need to do is replace the filter cartridge every four weeks and change a third of the water. Filter cartridge replacements are easy to find. But there are some users who complain that this filter is not doing a great job of cleaning the tank.

Coralife LED tank kit includes the compact and customizable built-in filtration that easy to set up and maintain. The glass back panel for easy refugium set-up.

How To Set Up A Fish Tank Starter Kit?

When thinking about getting your first aquarium, you may feel excited and expected about your beauty natural aquarium with lively colored fishes swim around. But when it comes to setting up a new aquarium, it is not an easy job like it seems to be.

Fish tank starter kit is designed to friendly with the beginners who have never had any experience with setting up an aquarium. Making the work to create a new aquarium easier for everyone.

What is the fish tank starter kit?

Instead of buying individual equipment and install them yourself, choosing the best aquarium starter kits will be the best way for a starter to get a new aquarium. A fish tank kit will take less cost than buying individual equipment.

Fish tank kits available out there come in many different brands, sizes and types. But generally, they all include a lighting system and a filter.  Some kits also have the other equipment included such as heater, thermometer, fish food, substrate & decoration, etc.

How to set up a fish tank kit?

If your fish tank starter kit does not come with instruction or you cannot understand it, these following are some basic steps for install the fish tank kits.

Step 1:

After unpacking all the equipment in this kit, you have to wash these things once. The gravel, all the tank wall, decorations, etc need to be washed with fresh water.

Notice that it does not wash them with soap or any chemical cleaner. The chemical cleaner can leave the residue that might harm your fish.

Step 2:

Install them. You have to determine where you plan to put the tank first. Because once you fill the tank with water, it can be very heavy and hard to move.

Putting the gravel at the bottom of the tank. Fill the tank with water. Using a water conditioner to remove chlorinate out of water.

Step 3:

Installing the best fish tank filters and lighting system, and the next is heater and thermometer on the opposite sides of the tank. Plugging all these equipment in the power source and then checking if they work great or not.

Step 4:

Leave the tank run for at least 24 hours and testing the water quality before adding the fish to their new home.

Why do you need the best hang on back protein skimmer?

What happens if your tank does not have a protein skimmer? To ensure your tank water is always cleaned perfectly, you will need to do some necessary steps.

When organic compounds dissolved in the water will lead to some trouble for your aquarium inhabitant. The protein skimmer helps you get the problem solved. But if you do not have the room for a sump set up, getting the best hang on back protein skimmer will be the good ideal for you.

Does every aquarium need a hang on back protein skimmer?

The answer is not all. This is depending on what type of your aquarium is. The saltwater (or marine aquarium) and the reef tank will need the best protein skimmers to improve water quality and avoid some water problems.

But remember that the protein skimmer does not work in an aquarium is freshwater. Because the fresh water tank does not include waste molecules.

Benefits that a hang on back protein skimmer brings to your tank

  •       Giving back clear water without any yellow tint for your aquarium
  •       Helps the light radiates evenly throughout the aquarium better and your marine creature will be received more light energy
  •       Growth and reproduction of coral are getting better
  •       Improved the photosynthesis process of corals and also make them more colorful
  •       Reducing the production of scrap algae and keep your tank walls clean more longer
  •       Improve the water quality along with improving fish health
  •       Reduce some chemical compounds in water from fish waste, dead plants, etc such as nitrate and ammonia
  •       Helps corals recover faster in frags process
  •       Decreased the disease problems of propagating frags

If you are keeping the saltwater or reef tank, these benefits up here are worth considering to buying the hang on back protein skimmer.

What is the best apple for juicing: Red or green apple?

Fruit is always a great source of nutrients to create a healthy body. Among them, apples are a fruit that contains many essential nutrients that you should consume in your body every day.

Instead of eating apples as usual, many people like to juice apple to drink every day. This way the nutrients in the apple are preserved and you do not need to spend a lot of time chewing apples.

However, people still can’t help arguing over the issue: red or green apples, what is the best apple for juicing?

Both types of apples have excellent amounts of nutrition, but they have different flavors, which is why people argue.

To find out which apples are better for juicing, let’s take a look at some information.

#1 Green apple

Green apples usually have a slightly sour taste, less sweet, crispy texture and thick skin. This fruit is often misunderstood as unripe, but this is the form when they are mature enough.

Because green apples are low in sugar, they are ideal for people following a diet.

Green apples also contain lots of fiber and carbohydrates, so it’s good for the digestive system. Its crunchy texture makes the juicing process more satisfying and easier.

For green apple juice, if you like sweets will feel it is not interesting and bland, but for those who are careful with sugar, this is a great drink.

#2 Red apple

Red apples are often sweet, less acidic, with a porous texture and a thinner skin than green apples. This type of apple is often loved for its sweetness and aroma, so besides making juice, it is also an ingredient in many other dishes.

Red apples are ideal for antioxidants and anti-inflammatory agents. Red apples are rich in anthocyanins so it has a great role to play in improving aging.

Those who follow a strict diet may find it uncomfortable with the amount of sugar in red apples, but it is still the flavor most loved.

Red apples are often sprayed with pesticides so you should soak them with saltwater before juicing to ensure health.

How To Prepare Jars For Canning?

Processed foods such as jams and sauces need to be stored for gradual use. Each time you need to use, new processing will take time and effort. So you should store them in glass jars for canning, which will help the cooking process more convenient as well as help preserve the nutrients of the dish. This article will guide you how to prepare jars for canning in the best way to ensure they can be ready to serve whenever you need it. And of course you can find criteria for choosing safe airtight containers in general, safe jar in specific in here.

Prepare the jars

Make sure the jar you are preparing to store food must be clean and sterile. It is bacteria that cause the rancid food to spoil, so a completely clean jar is the first requirement for long-lasting food to remain original. The method is simple: wash and boil. The temperature is about 80 degrees Celsius and the time is about a few minutes.

If the lid is tin or other metal, apply this method to them, and we highly recommend preparing a glass jar and a metal lid for best results.

Rinse the jar and the lid, soak them in hot water. The jar and lid should be soaked in warm temperature until ready to use.

Put food into the jar

When the food is processed, put it in the prepared jar. It should be noted here that using a funnel which will make it easier for you to put food in and especially not to dirty the vial.

Remove air

Use a stick, a wooden or plastic spatula (not metal) to gently poke the jar to make sure the food is completely filled with the jar, leaving no room for air.

Essential sapce

Be careful not to fill the vial with food, leave a certain distance from the food to the vial. Depending on the type of food, the distance is different, for example: 0.5cm for jam, 1cm for fruit, tomato, pickle, fish meats and chili sauce. Use a measuring device to check if the distance from the top of the food to the vial is reasonable.

Note: you need to leave a space between the food and the vial so that the air can hatch safely in the next step.


Use a clean cloth to wipe around the vial of the jar to remove any impurities that may affect the closure of the vial.

After that, place the lid in the right joint of the vial and tighten it but not too tight.

Boiled food container

Put the prepared jars through the previous steps into the pot, add more hot water so that the container is submerged at least 2.5 cm from the lid and boil within a few minutes. Cover the pot and boil, boil time and keep warm depending on the recipe of each food.

This step will help to sterilize the jar, while heating the air inside the space we have left in the previous step, causing them to expand and compact the lid into the jar.


After boiling enough time, turn off the stove and open the pot. When the water is no longer boiling, lift the jar out vertically. Leave it cool down for 24 hours, do not retighten the jar lid.


After cooling time, gently press the tip of the lid with your fingertips. If the lid does not move and kneel, the jar is “sealed” properly. Dry and do not place them too close together, store the jar in a cool and dark place.