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Should i trade my AS200 for an RS200?

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Should i trade my AS200 for an RS200?

Postby Sobz » Wed Sep 17, 2014 4:41 pm

Hi Fellas! :D

New Altezza owner from Zambia here. Just thought I could ask a few newb questions. Got a AS200, never knew about the RS200 dang! :shock: Sort of kicking myself for not researching enough!!

Just thought I could have your opinions. Should I just trade my AS200 for an RS200, or should I just keep the AS?
Been thinking about this for a while, don't want any regrets.

Is there really a difference between the RS and AS for daily town driving?
Don't think I will be racing or anything in an altezza, will just get a Supra RZ for that. :wink:

By the way the AS200 is my first car, so yeah, it really does fly for a first timer. I just have a feeling that I will kinda get used to the AS 200 soon, that's why im thinking of upgrading to the RS200.

Thanks Guys

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Re: Should i trade my AS200 for an RS200?

Postby ronniehq93 » Wed Oct 01, 2014 7:34 am

Hey, Sobz.

Welcome to Tezzaworld, newbie. :wink:

To decide that, check the differences between the AS200 & the RS200. A post 'bout the differences has been mentioned before on this site. Check through the threads on this forum.
By the way, here are some links:

viewtopic.php?f=14&t=24&view=next ... -vs-rs200/ ... as200.html ... /t9915.htm

Read through 'em. Hope they help.

After that, check the condition of both cars. in what state they are in.
Hope you make the right decision.

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