Altezza turbo idling and hesitation problem

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Altezza turbo idling and hesitation problem

Postby danny87 » Mon Dec 24, 2018 1:37 pm

Hello all.
Haven't been on here for a while and I was hoping that one of you good people can help me with a problem that I have on my turbo Altezza RS200.
When I first start the car it will fire up then immediately die. So I restart and she feels like she wants to die again, so I hit the throttle and she tries to cut out, so I have to keep feathering the throttle to keep her running.
Once the car is running and I am driving the car, whenever I come to a junction or a stop light the revs will drop so I have dip the clutch and blip the throttle. Once the car has warmed up more the revs will still drop off, but not enough for the car to cut out.
I have cleaned the MAF, throttle body and inlet manifold, changed the plugs had the map tweaked which did make it better for a while, but now it's as bad as it ever was.
I now have an added problem of the motor hesitating when I am doing motorway speeds etc, not so bad when I am not pushing it too much.
I don't think these are connected as this is a new problem. The first problem has plagued me for ages.
I don't use this car that much and am not sure if the long periods of the car standing idle may be adding to the problem.
I do wan't to sell her because I hardly ever use her, but wouldn't sell it while it is running the way it is.
Any help and advice appreciated.

Cheers Dan

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Re: Altezza turbo idling and hesitation problem

Postby jarocki » Wed Apr 17, 2019 8:32 am

Try this post. Fixed the issue for my old altezza

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