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high rev stroker

Posted: Wed Jun 14, 2017 11:48 pm
by oaasport
Since our cousin 3sgte motors have high rev capabilities, why can't it be done to an altezza that has a better flowing head? I have seen 9500 rpm out of a 3SGTE 2.3 stroker. That's a 1.45:1 rod ratio, 272 cams with 11mm lift, obviously it's a built engine lol. But I have never seen an altezza engine with a stroker turn over 7800 and every forum I have lurked said the same. But why? Is it rod ratio? (I call BS, it physically can spin it) nobody wants to take a chance to go boom? Is it because the engine won't last (again BS, 2.3 mr2 again with 35000 miles on build and over 100 passes at strip). Or is it because nobody has a trans that can take a boosted 9500rpm stroker beams?( This is probably‚Äč the biggest reason lol) I would like to get some opinions before I start a build. My goal is a 2.26 liter blacktop beams 3sge with a gt3076 turbo, custom vvti cams with the head ports smoothed, Glenn's springs and retainers and a 9000rpm redline.