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Apexi Power FC problems

Posted: Thu Mar 16, 2017 2:46 pm
by Mallyauto86
So i just baught a power FC from japan, got a trader in UK to import it for me, so i asked for a specific model the 98-99 turbo version got it yesterday and the serial number looks nothing like the part number for the actual one i wanted and basicly have no info on what model of power FC it is.

The Serial is : PFC SXE10 020-0247

so ok it's for an SXE10 but will it be able to run boost ?
Can i add on the MAP sensor kit with 5 pin harness so i can push more power ?

Just looking to run 1 bar on my forged turbo build, info is so scares on all this it's anoying.

some people say N/A PFC is same as Turbo and can run same, others say L-jetro wont support MAP yet in the instruction manual there are little pictures of the map sensor and harness with part numbers. or can i just run the standard maf ?

i'm just confused and basicly want a strait answer on what i need to buy or adapt to it to run around 400bhp. ( just talking about PFC here engine is fully forged etc )