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2.5 stroker using 5sfe block?

Posted: Fri Aug 07, 2015 12:47 am
by oaasport
Aimed for celicara45, but does anybody know about using the 5sfe block with a beams head? I have a machinist who is competent in drilling the oil and water passages to match the beams head. Im assuming external oil lines to control vvti. Also im having a custom oil pan and sump for drain back and oil feed. Since a custom sump and pan will be used, i dont believe it will need to be dry sump unless somebody can tell me it wont flow or drain right for a transverse fwd engine block mated to a rwd head. Using celicara45 stroker 2.4 and itbs amd good cams im assuming 280-300hp on pump 93* (equivalent to 98ron) can be made?