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os giken flywheel bolts and fitting

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os giken flywheel bolts and fitting

Postby Tosh21 » Tue Aug 04, 2015 1:11 pm

Bought a second hand os giken super single which I'm gonna fit after the overhaul kit arrives .on rhd japan it says you need Nissan flywheel bolts to fit the clutch, doesn't really make sense. I'm gonna get a new genuine pilot bearing (anyone know the part number? The clutch has one but want to fit new) and flywheel bolts. Maybed do the main crank seal while I'm at it .is there anything else I've missed that I may aswel do while I'm there?

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Re: os giken flywheel bolts and fitting

Postby felix0315 » Tue Mar 20, 2018 7:54 pm

I'm not sure if you've learned anything after your post. I certainly have learned the hard way for not buying those Nissan flywheel bolts.

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