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Bought an Altezza! What should I do?

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Bought an Altezza! What should I do?

Postby Sask » Thu Aug 21, 2014 10:46 pm

I have an RS200 coming in in the next couple of weeks so I'd like to order all of the parts/fluids that should be replaced when it gets here. Using this website and with help from Nick at North Shore I've come up with the following list. Anyone else have any suggestions?

Timing Belt/Cambelt 13568-80015
Water Pump 16100-79225/16100-79226
Manual Tensioner 13505-88570
Hydraulic Tensioner 13540-88570
Idler Bearing 13503-88560
Cam Shaft Oil Seals (2) 90311-46004
Crank Shaft Oil Seal 90311-42026

Air Con Belt/Power Steering Belt 99364-31220
Alternator Belt 99364-30780
Engine Oil Filter 90915-10001/90915-10003
Air Filter 17801-46080
Thermostat 90916-03100
Fuel Filter 23300-74330
Spark Plugs - Denso Iridium IK20 # 5304 90919-01178

Engine Oil 5W30 5.1 litres
Transmission Oil Toyota MG gear oil special II (API GL-3 and SAE75W-90) - 6 speeds MT 1.95 L 70W90/GL3
Differential Oil Toyota hypoid gear oil SX (API GL-5 and SAE85W-90) - LSD 1.00 L 85W90/GL5
Power Steering Fluid 0.9 L
Engine Coolant 6.8 L
Clutch Fluid 2500h
Brake Fluid 2500h

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Re: Bought an Altezza! What should I do?

Postby uthi » Thu Dec 18, 2014 11:35 pm

have you replaced all the parts in the list? if so, how is the car?

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