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Irish Car Enthusiasts

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Irish Car Enthusiasts

Postby TuLegit2quitzz » Wed Jan 23, 2013 6:41 pm

Just posting this up to let everyone know iv a new facebook page called Irish Car Enthusiasts.
Its a page for everything to do with cars!
The idea behind it was simply to have as many followers as possible so people can post up questions that need answering and post up pics of their cars and cars for sale and wanted cars and parts. There will also be polls and whatnot and wen the site gets big enough i will be doing giveaways like stickers and what not! Its just a site for everything to do with cars. Post up anything you like whether you need parts or want to sell your car or even if you just want to show everyone your pride and joy and your work progress. The more sites for people to buy and sell the better.
I would REALLY appreciate it if people who see this could give it a like and maybe post some stuff just to get it up and running.And it would really help if ye could share it to your friends.
The more followers we have the better the site will be and the better it will be for all users.
Thanks for taking the time to read! Hope to talk to you all soon.

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