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Items for sale, wanted section... please read this first!

Want to buy or sell something non-car related? Throw it up here
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Items for sale, wanted section... please read this first!

Postby Noel » Fri Feb 04, 2011 4:03 pm

Please follow this simple guide on how best to advertise your item on the forum.
This will help aid you and other members to a quick simple sale.
Please use the layout below to advertise your item, filling in as much information as possible.
This will help prospective buyer makes a decision on buying the item or not.

Item for sale.



extra Info.



Postage details.

Payment details.


Forum rules:
Your post maybe edited or removed if it does not follow these guidelines.
Your post may also be reported and removed if your post count is below 20.
If your post count is below and you wish to sell an item please contact a Moderator first.
All sellers are advised to check back on the items for sale to answer any questions members may have, and to update there thread when an Item is sold.
All traders wishing to sell an Item here must offer some discount to club members or make a ?euro donation to the club before advertising your item. This can be done on the bottom left hand corner of the home page and is only required once a year.

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