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Supercharged IS200

Once you've introduced yourself why not throw up a few pictures of your car or a project thread?
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Re: Supercharged IS200

Postby aztecbandit1 » Mon Jun 13, 2011 2:37 pm

Robin H wrote:those bay pics are scary, sooooo much work put in to getting her back to the state she's in now
I wouldn't of noticed there had been a fire if you hadn't of said anything

The pic of the engine bay is actually after it had been jet washed off, it looked a lot worse before, and i was lucky it never killed the supercharger kit in the fire, i sold the sc kit pretty much straight away for £2000 so was lucky :D

But Its taken me a while mate, and it is getting there again, still got a few parts to change over that are still melted,
but i have nearly all of the parts now to replace them, so hopefully soon it'll look pretty tidy again? Going to have the bonnet resprayed back to it original colour and it still needs a new boot lid? but might even just have the whole car sprayed so it looks tidy again :D
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