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How much is my Altezza worth?

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Lil H
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How much is my Altezza worth?

Postby Lil H » Thu Apr 16, 2015 7:22 am

Its come to that time in my life where I am thinking on selling the Altezza :(
I was just wondering if you guys could tel me how much I would be looking at getting for it.
It is infact an IS200 with an Altezza Engine and running gear
serveiced every year by myself and as you can tell by the pics a lot of money has gone in to this making it look and sound the way it is today
I did all the conversion myself as I did own a silver RS but had a slight accident with it and then purchased the IS and moved everything across
Engine/seats/dash door cards you name it I moved it across
it has 90k on the clock
HSD MonoPro coilovers
Infinity stainless steel exhaust
18" wheels 9.75j on the rear 8j on the front
any more questions please ask

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Re: How much is my Altezza worth?

Postby JZZ30 » Sat Apr 18, 2015 9:21 pm

Car looks the titts.

If the bodywork is in good shape and it is in good condition underneath and if the 3S-ge swap was done in a professional manner and everything is in a serviceable state I think you could ask about £3500- 4000 for it.

HSD's should be worth about £500- 600 XXR`s with good tyres about 600 exhaust 100 ish if backbox and a standard manual SXE10 6Sp. MT in the above state about £2200- £2700?

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