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Canadian Altezzification

Once you've introduced yourself why not throw up a few pictures of your car or a project thread?
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Canadian Altezzification

Postby Sask » Sun Oct 26, 2014 1:51 am

I did promise to put up some pictures once I got my car so I guess I should follow through.
Anyways the back story: I was looking for a daily this summer that had to A) Not be American B) RWD C) Manual D) Be student-budget affordable. I looked at IS300's but with a manual tranny they are way too rare here and I would have to travel a couple thousand kilometres to find something in my budget, which could very well end up being a total piece.

I also sat in a miata locally.. I actually fit decently well but I would have probably needed a custom seat for daily driving and I wasn't sure if I wanted to be cramped for 1-1.5 hours of the day. BMW's were also on the list but maintenance and potential problems turned me off.

So I started seriously looking into buying something from Japan. It was between the S14 and the Altezza, I was seriously considering anS14 but they are the typical teenage-wanna-be-drifter car here and I wanted to set myself apart from all of the other wanna-be-drifters, so the Altezza it was.

I bought my first Altezza off of Tradecarview, which the seller claimed it wasn't from auction, price looked good, photos looked good, so I bought it. Fast forward one week later, I'm browsing for old auction sheets and boom, I find my car which I had bought with 3 TIMES THE LISTED KM on the auction sheet. I messaged the seller and luckily he complied and cancelled the deal, but I didn't get the money back until about 3 months later.

In the meantime I found another Altezza, with an auction sheet and odometer that wasn't rolled back. Nothing really special about it, but it met my criteria and was a grade 4 car so I went for it. Also had the original dealer sticker from Netz Chubu which really sealed the deal. A couple of months later, and a little bit of red tape and its arrived on my driveway.

I work at a Toyota dealer which means I can get certified techs to work on my car on the side at a heavily discounted rate but I still want to learn how to at least do the basic stuff myself. So far its had basic maintenance/repairs and I still have a few more things to work out but after that I plan on doing some minor mods. There are some drift days here now so that's sort of the style/direction I want to go. My initial plans are for more visual/suspension mods and keeping the engine stock (until I can afford a 1J :wink: ) but we'll see how that turns out...

Plans for the future:
-An actual working head unit, also replace blown speakers in the trunk
-Drifty button on the handbrake
-Wheels (Works, Weds, Rays, something else? used from Japan)
-Steering wheel (nardi deep corns are soo nice but also sooo expensive), shift knob
-1.5/2 Way Diff
-Other suspension bits
-LED tails

Annnnd the terrible pictures:
In Japan
Shipping depot the night after it had arrived
Annnd in my driveway (can you tell winter is coming :( )

If you have any comments/suggestions throw them at me, I'm open to pretty much anything that isn't too expensive. Also if anyone could identify my wheels that would be cool, I don't think I've seen them on any other Altezza...

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Re: Canadian Altezzification

Postby ronniehq93 » Tue Oct 28, 2014 1:46 pm

Sask, nice ride, man. It's neat, no doubt. Just needs a few mods. If possible, do a turbo conversion. Oh yeah, put low profile tires, it looks better when the Tezza is sittin' low on the ground. ;) Good luck with the mods, man.

And 'bout identifyin' your wheels; my friend has similar (if not the same) rims on his Silvia. I'll check 'em up for you.
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Re: Canadian Altezzification

Postby Sask » Sun Jan 25, 2015 12:16 am

So I'm pretty terrible with this internet stuff, I realized I haven't updated this in a long time, not a whole lot has happened though.

I guess my biggest purchase so far has been some RPF1's, 17x9 +35 which I'll be putting on for the summer. Going to need a fender roll for sure but should be too aggressive, might put some spacers in the back depending on how it looks in the end.

The car has been pretty fantastic throughout the winter, and as you'll be able to see in the pictures below it does get quite cold ;) Only thing I've noticed is it squeels on startup below about -15. Not too worried about it, probably just the alternator power steering pump missing life back in Japan. I installed an oil pan heater as the mechanic at the dealership didn't want to risk putting in a block heater when he didn't know the proper angle.

The temperature has been fluctuating some weeks between about 0 celcius to -30, so this is what the car looks like most of the time unfortunately.
Some proof of how cold it gets. Actual temp outside with wind chill was actually -40.
It is clean sometimes though!

Plan coming up in the spring is to buy clutch, flywheel, coilovers, tires, shifter bushing, drift knob, brake lines, antennae and see how much I have left for more. (hint: not much) Suspension bushings or sway bars next? Then maybe a seat? What do you guys think? Also a suggestion for a nice strong organic clutch that will take some kicks would be nice. The ORC 250 light kit is pretty cheap, should I go with that?

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