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A late "Hello" from me - '99Altezza, Steer-shift. Silver...

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A late "Hello" from me - '99Altezza, Steer-shift. Silver...

Postby LovingMyAltezza » Mon Aug 25, 2014 1:21 am

I live down here on the South Coast of England, and have always loved 'interesting' cars, which have usually been RWD. I still have a handful of old Opels (none for sale, at the moment) and an Alfa-Romeo 75 TwinSpark, as well as a mark2 MR2 Rev5, which I snapped up at the end of March last year, and which has awoken me to Toyota's build quality and stunning value. I had heard of the Altezza through playing GT5 on my cousins' PS3, which I only do at his house (or I'd get nothing else done).
An Altezza appeared on Autotrader, but it was in Leeds! A long haul for me, but I've travelled for cars before. The trader had taken it in PX and didn't seem to know much about it. I checked out insurance, asked about a trade, my Alfa plus some cash, and headed for my cousin in Bedford on Saturday afternoon. We got up at stupid 0'clock on Sunday, and rolled up to Leeds. The Altezza was gleaming. A short test drive showed no issues. He took my Alfa 156 (which was nearing a £££ service in a few months), and we set off home in the Altezza, deal done.
I read 'cloth interior' in the advert, and thought I'd change it to Lexus leather - but I really like the 'Matrix' black/grey/white flecks and funky shag-pile mats. It has a couple of dings in the body, but it is 16 years old. Mileage is nice and low - it spent six years doing little in Japan, before coming here and taking six months to sell. One owner had it nine and a half years, and now I do, and to me, it's a Keeper.

I've bought a better 4/2/1 manifold, I want to plumb a better exhaust to give more low-down torque and a tad more noise, and I favour a side-exit in front of the Driver's side rear-wheel - always looks good to me on hot saloons. I've sourced a high level rear wing, and a front bumper/air-dam which incorporates a mesh grille - not fitting it yet, as I have a garage to finish building soon. I may supercharge or turbo it later, looking for a modest gain, not a huge boost. The MR2 scratches that itch for me. :-)
Today I swapped a hateful silver Kenwood CD/tuner for a black JVC item - MUCH more user-friendly and far better reception on the radio - and yet still not quite what the very cheap ebay mp3/tuner in my MR2 pulls in, despite a new glass-mount aerial yesterday. The head-unit swap was a doddle, thanks to your guide - I had the new one playing in FOUR MINUTES! A new record for me, for sure.

Sorry, didn't think pic had been added first time!
Altezza!.jpg (75.35 KiB) Viewed 979 times
Altezza!.jpg (75.35 KiB) Viewed 979 times

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Re: A late "Hello" from me - '99Altezza, Steer-shift. Silver

Postby Steve86 » Wed Aug 27, 2014 2:23 pm

Nice ride..Welcome along mate! Enjoy the Tezz
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