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The Turbo- Lemon

Posted: Sun Jul 20, 2014 1:41 pm
by JZZ30
Hi to everyone,

I promised a few times to start a project threat for my current project "The Turbo- Lemon".

After owning several Turbo cars including a 1JZ soarer and a FD RX7 I bought myself a
'99 bright yellow manual Altezza RS200 from a member of here..

The car as it stands now:
- roughly 180.000 kms
- Full genuine TRD body kit inkl. Legana front and boot wing
- Genuine optional Altezza real carbon steering wheel (very rare)
- Unknown vented FRP fenders up front
- Tein Street Coilovers
- New Exedy OEM clutch and solid flywheel
- 25mm spacers up front
- Apexi Axle Back Exhaust
- Factory Torsen LSD

Thats the plan (Stage 1) - aim 320hp @ 12PSI:
- Garrett GT2871r Turbocharger
- 3" Custom Fab Downpipe
- Apexi 1.8mm Head Gasket
- ARP Head studs
- 850cc Injectors
- Fuel Pump Upgrade
- Megasquirt Stand Alone EMS
- Wideband Oxygen sensor
- HKS Timing Belt installation (full Timing Belt service)
- 18" Wheels
- Big Brake Kit front
- Battery Relocation

Thats the rough plan (Stage 2)- aim 380+ hp @ 16 PSI:
- Water Injection
- 2JZ-gte Custom Forged Pistons
- 3S- gte Forged Conrods
- Race bearings
- Fuel Return System with FPR
- Clutch Upgrade
- TRD 2- Way Diff.

Chassis and interior wise I will go for a drift setup as I want to get into drifting.

I have to admit I havent got many spare time so the project will sometimes lag in progress but try to keep this threat up to date.

Plan is to get Stage 1 done until spring next year fully running. Stage 2 should then be completed until summer 2015.

Please keep the threat clean so that it wont end up in a 20 page mess with spread informations.

Many thanks for your interests.

Lets go..

Re: The Turbo- Lemon

Posted: Sun Jul 20, 2014 2:39 pm
by hermit
These turbo conversions seem to be getting popular lol, I'm doing one myself, Hoping to get over 400bhp.Yellow is one of my favourite colours the altezza's come in. Any pics of the car? . Whats the megasquirt Ecu like? Can it controll the vvti ok?

Re: The Turbo- Lemon

Posted: Tue Sep 09, 2014 8:51 pm
by JZZ30
Yup but many guys go with the Greddy Turbo Kit which is not powerful enough imho.

I chose the GT2871r with the 0.86 AR to keep exhaust gas restrictions as low as possible to keep the exhaust temps low even in the higher rpm band combined with a fast spool up down low.

Sadly despite the new MS3 the MS1 pro is not capable of handling the VVTI selenoids afaik. But I try to sort smt. out with an additional map where I can trigger the VVTI selenoids with. But I am still far away from sorting out the electronics first of all have to sort out the hardware.

I am currently welding the exhaust 3" turbo back with 2 resonators and decat to get some low backpressure but still got a lot of work to do and running out of holidays now.

Also in mid of refurbing the Tein Coilovers which were rotten half way trough. Anyone got any informations about where to get new tein locking collars from?!


And this is how she sits right now:


Re: The Turbo- Lemon

Posted: Wed Sep 10, 2014 11:02 pm
by Tosh21
You can get tein bits from any tein dealer if you go on their site you can find one. I think they were £13 a ring or something.