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My crashed car engine transplanted into......

Posted: Wed May 14, 2014 3:17 pm
by ryansss
Mates Mk1 MR2!!!

I crashed the car over a year ago and most of you vultures :wink: got some good deals of parts, but the engine sat there in a cold damp garage :(

But my mates head gasket went and I said £300 take my rolling wreck. He did and luckily a guy at woodsport offered to help do all the hard bits in exchange for the gearbox and diff. He just got the engine back, its had alot done to enable fit. Will share pics once it's in. Going to be rapid and loud (note the japspeed mk2 exhaust). It's now fully wrapped matt black. Just happy it's gone to a good home and I get to enjoy it still. I'd only just done cambelt change


Me on the other hand turned to the dark side and back to fwd. Miss drifting, but the K20's much more lively around town and with the mods going on it's pretty nippy