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Custom Turbo Kit

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Custom Turbo Kit

Postby Tosh21 » Wed Mar 23, 2016 8:22 pm

Was going to sell my car but I think I'll hold onto it and go down the engine swap route so turbo kit is up for sale.

Kit comes with a gtx2871r with a tial exhaust housing.
Tial mvs water cooled wastegate 0.5 bar spring.
Full custom exhaust system all vbands.
Stainless tubular pipe manifold.
The rest of the system is 3" inconel with an nrg backbox.
Big fmic (slight cutting needed to fit the pipes nothing major) bonnet release support also provided as its too flimsy with the cutouts.
Inter cooler pipes (need a little bit of welding still hour job in total max)
Air filter.
550cc injectors.
320lph fuel pump.
Modified fuel pump holder with sard jet pump killer (if you want it, the fittings in the top are too big really).
Fuel return line (stainless hardline under the car with braided hoses on the ends)
Fitting for the end of the rail for the return line.
Sard fuel pressure regulator.
Pas relocation kit (reservoir needs a cap, krc) the AC needs to be removed for this though. Battery would need moving to boot.
Fusebox relocation kit.
Water lines for turbo and wastegate.
Oil feed and return.
Fcon v pro gold with an altezza harness and map sensor.
Turbo exhaust housing, wastegate and exhaust have been on the car so they are discoloured but it's all almost new probably 2K miles of running?

Located in Buckinghamshire, would need collecting ideally as delivery would cost a fortune as he exhaust is in only 2 bits need a pretty long box! But delivery can be arranged.

Basically a whole kit just bolt up and go. With a bit of work on top but everything is there for you to do it. Haven't figured out the air inlet pipe for turbo though, might be as simple as a straight bit of hose. The wiring in that area is in the way but I think you can go straight through it can't remember how much slack their is.

Looking for £3000 for the lot. Open to offers. Planning to swap to a 1jz so if you happen to have a box or engine or any 1jz goodies we could do a swap with cash my way or something

wont let me put pics up so heres a link to the photobucket page ive been uploading to through the build. Has lots of pics there, some of which are irrelevant. The manifold and exhaust that come with the kit is the newer one of the 2 in the pictures ... t=3&page=1

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