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Tein coilover bits

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Tein coilover bits

Postby Tosh21 » Fri Jul 31, 2015 12:00 am

First off, I don't know what moodel they are, I think they are HR but not sure. They are definitely the old spec. Also one damper is leaking and tein estimated £300 for repair which is just stupid and you would need both doing really.

I'm happy to sell the coils all built up as a set but the plan is to sell the nice bits off it.

All top mounts are pillow balls with a spherical bearing (can't say I noticed any difference) The front's are standard hence the corrosion although it's not THAT bad, the rears were way worse they crumbled when I took them off.
Locking rings and spring seats are CNC'd out of a thicker ali and a very high grade of ali, they have also been anodized black so they should last years. The thread was M62 x 3mm iirc. It's definitely the 3mm pitch I know that much.

Rear top mounts are also CNC'd and anodized.

Apart from the leaking damper they aren't actually in that bad condition. I did paint them white because they were mega rusty when I got the car. Must have spent 2 days cleaning them up and rebuilding them.

Springs are tapered so I don't think they will fit just any random coilover.

Locking rings and seats £70 I nearly bought some before making them and I think they were around £120 and they are just the standard poor quality cast ones.

Springs x 4 £60

Top mounts x4 £200

everything £330

Paypal or cash on collection. Based in oxford area






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