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3SGE Turbo Kit

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3SGE Turbo Kit

Postby sherbertmelon » Wed Jun 10, 2015 8:19 pm

This is a full drop in kit for the Toyota Altezza with the blacktop beams 3SGE engine. This kit will work with both manual & auto types, and of any year of manufacturer.

There is a huge list of parts including, as this is built up of two kits, and am looking to get it sold as a whole rather than in bits.

The kit includes:
- Greddy/Trust TD04-H Turbocharger
- Apexi XXXX Turbocharger
- Greddy 4-branch manifold
- Apexi 4-branch manifold
- Apexi turbo downpipe
- Turbo heatshield
- Custom stainless steel decat mid section
- Apexi front mount intercooler (larger one)
- Toyosport intercooler (smaller one)
- x2 crashbar brackets for both intercoolers
- Fuel rail with 540cc Denso fuel injectors
- Apexi filter with MAF sensor adaptor
- Greddy MAF adaptor with Trust filter
- x2 Greddy/Trust Hardpipe Intakes for Turbo
- HKS Superfire Grade 7 Spark Plugs (1,000 miles on them)
- x2 T-piece oil return adaptors with hosing
- x2 Manifold-Engine / x2 Mani-Turbo / Turbo-Downpipe gaskets
- Walbro GSS342 Uprated Fuel Pump
- Braided Stainless Steel Line for Oil Feed (Includes M16 Banjo Bolt)
- HKS Boost Controller and harness
- HKS FCON PRO-V Standalone ECU with Plug & Play harness
- HKS Boost Gauge
- Oil pressure gauge and digital boost gauge
- Pillar Gauge pods
- All inter cooler hard pipe work & and a vast majority of spares. There's enough here to accommodate two turbo kits.
- MAF and MAP Sensors

If you're interested you can speak to me directly on 07415770723.

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Re: 3SGE Turbo Kit

Postby escoriasza » Tue Aug 18, 2015 1:01 pm

Still for sale? Very interested

Trc Off
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Re: 3SGE Turbo Kit

Postby xeraptor » Wed Aug 19, 2015 11:21 pm

Would you consider selling FCON separately?

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Re: 3SGE Turbo Kit

Postby Borisbianchi » Mon Oct 26, 2015 10:05 pm

What's the price

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