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help please. bouncing revs and high idle rpm

Posted: Thu Mar 24, 2016 12:31 pm
by knoknot
Hello guys,
i own a jdm altezza rs200 z-edition 2001 release with the 3sge 6mt.
at the moment whenever i start it up the revs bounce all in its own. when engine is warmed up the revs rest at a high 2000rpm instead if her normal 750~800rpm and that's if the revs aren't bouncing.
And the weird thing is now dash warning lights are showing. i even took it to a buddy who has an OBD2 machine to read any codes but got nothing.
This begun after i got a jump start after the battery went down.
i have changed battery and even used carb cleaner to clean throttle body and still the issue persists :cry:
here is a vid of the revs bouncing

any assistance will be highly appreciated

Re: help please. bouncing revs and high idle rpm

Posted: Fri Mar 25, 2016 9:02 pm
by Tosh21
check tps voltages, thats the first thing i do when i have idle problems as 9/10 times its been tps issues for me. google altezza tps adjustment and theres a link somewhere to a thread showing you which ecu pins to read and what the voltage should be. I remember once i had to reset my tps after a new battery. no idea why, it shouldnt ever need adjusting once its set but hey ho its an easy enough thing to check. if not it could be maf sensor or something

Re: help please. bouncing revs and high idle rpm

Posted: Tue Mar 29, 2016 6:41 am
by knoknot
hi guys, sorry for late reply, had a long weekend with the holiday and all plus am out of town, left my tezza at home. i will look into the tps voltage once am home for sure and relay the outcome.

Re: help please. bouncing revs and high idle rpm

Posted: Tue Apr 05, 2016 8:57 am
by RS Tom-Hundred
That is an interesting one Tosh about the tps.

How many miles have you done since the battery by the way?

Whenever I have had the battery disconnected for a period of time, the ECU resets (as it should) and when I next drive the car I get funny idle or high idle and also if I coast from say 60mph I notice the rev counter fluctuates on the way down rather than smooth down towards 0rpm. After a long journey or a day or two max it all sorts itself out cos it has re-learnt everything. Might be as simple as that for you too :)