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Engine rattle @3000-4000 rpm + powerless

Posted: Mon Feb 01, 2016 11:51 am
by Podgerr
Hey people

1999 is200 3sge 6 speed
Have a rattle in my engine, intermittent in 2nd and 3rd gear mostly. As of 2 weeks ago the rattle is now accompanied by a brief loss of power on and off almost like bunny hoping if ur a noob at driving.
Will start at 3000 rpm but as soon as u accelerate past 3.5k - 4k it goes away.

Car starts fine runs fine, revs fine and drives fine apart from the issue described.

Over time have replaced spark plugs last week, 2 fault coil packs last year, cambelt water pump tensioners, plus 2 other belts, cleaned MAF gear box oil changed and gear box check as I thought the sound was a gearbox issue..but no gear box is fine. Have described fault to a friend of a friend and said it could be because I've been running it on 91 or could be knock sensor what ever that is.

Have yet to get a diagnostic test preformed, last mechanic I spoke to said to change spark plugs. Am almost at the point to take it too local Toyota dealer for a checkup but I don't wana mortgage my home to do so...anything I could try first at home is what I'm after.

Thank in advance for any help.

Re: Engine rattle @3000-4000 rpm + powerless

Posted: Fri Feb 05, 2016 10:16 am
by Tosh21
91 is quite a low fuel to run it on. best bet is to try some high octane fuel and see if it goes! easy enough to do and if it doesnt cure it atleast you know its not that

Re: Engine rattle @3000-4000 rpm + powerless

Posted: Thu Feb 11, 2016 5:25 am
by Podgerr
running on 98 atm, hasent improved yet, topped up oil, was abit low.

took to a local mechanic.

scanned car for codes, "nun"
added injector cleaner "I could have done that"
found intake hose loose..tightened
!!found oil in throttle body!! is this normal?
wondering if I should check my piston seals "compression test" + "leak down test"

issue is very intermittent, Id tend to thing it was a sensor of some sort, but no codes...will keep with it for now
he said if problem persists he'll check pcv system, which I might do.

Re: Engine rattle @3000-4000 rpm + powerless

Posted: Wed Feb 17, 2016 9:17 pm
by Tosh21
I think it saves a sensor fault even if it only works sometimes so it would show up on a diagnostic.

I doubt a compression check will fail but its worth doing if you have the kit just to rule it out too. Knock sensor would register on the diagnostics i think.

If you found a loose intake hose its worth checking them all to make sure you dont have a vac leak anywhere, although that would normally flag up as fuel trim too lean so its unlikely to be that. What did he use for the diagnostics? Some of them cant read jdm cars and some cant read all the errors.

Oil in the TB is norml too, although its normaly a bit further in the manifold. usually a small pool in there. There's a breather hose which dumps excess oil in the head into the manifold so dont worry about that.