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Altezza EFI relay buzzing noise

Posted: Mon Jun 08, 2015 10:49 pm
by Dannysxe10
My Altezza has been at the mechanics for the last month and a half now. The battery was disconnected as engine was removed from car. Last week engine was put back in and all wiring connected up now and it's cranking perfect but when I turn the key once to ignition the spark plug is sparking and the EFI relay Is making this loud buzzing noise and finally the fuel pump is not recieving any curren?. All the fuses are perfect and fuel pump is okay.

Any help and suggestions would be much appriciated guys! 8)

Re: Altezza EFI relay buzzing noise

Posted: Sun Mar 20, 2016 4:43 pm
by stabby
Don'y know if you managed to solve this buti had the same issues..swapped out the motor plugged everything back up and worked fine for a week..
after a week started to receive on/off check engine lights at various intervals..did a scan on the engine and it gave me a code P1656 which is for the OCV Circuit Malfunction (Bank 1). That is the intake solenoid and indeed online i saw that people swapped out these solenoids. Got a working one from a mate before i decided to order one but still the problem persisted. now even with a code P1633 (ECM Malfunction (ETCS Circuit))
Now the car started once and died again almost immediately with a clicking sound coming from the fuse box. The EFI relay was clicking like crazy when turned in the on position and the engine cranked..but did not start. Swapped out like everything fuel pump, EFI relays, battery's, ecu's. But still the problem insisted.

Almost gave up on this issue but decide a google search on the clicking of EFI relays. EFI is for electronic fuel injection and as you could guess the fuel pump was not providing fuel to the engine as it normally would. And indeed when putting it in the on position you didn't hear the buzzing noise in the back that it was working. Another quick search brought me to a forum where they insisted that the battery, ECU and ground cables needed to be checked. I knew the first two were OK and knew the ground cables were OK too. but then it hit me. one of the grounds was loosened to remove a cable attached to it and wasn't sure if it was tightened enough. First i checked all the other grounds near the battery. Two of them go to the body (side and firewall) and the third goes to the engine (near the power steering reservoir). The last and difficult one to reach (bottom of the intake) is the one where the cable was removed and bam that was the loose one. It was still on it just not tight enough. I knew that to reach that bolt easy you have to remove the intake but was not in the mood to do that. :mrgreen:

With some effort of different wrenches and 10mm sockets i managed to tighten it without removing the intake. Connected the battery again and put the car in the on position. No more clicking from the EFI relay. Decided to start and on the first try she started right away :D :D
Gave her a spin on the highway here and no more CEL on the dash or strange behavior from the engine.

Bottom line of this whole story I would say double check everything. Including stuff that you know that were tightened good. But especially check those ground cables :wink: