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Air Con Pressure?

Posted: Mon May 18, 2015 4:26 pm
by RS Tom-Hundred
Just wondering if anyone knows the correct pressure of the air con system please? And and other relevant information/figures?

My air con wasn't working and compressor wasn't spinning due to it having very low gas so I took it to a mate at a garage to have a look at. We had to rush though cos his boss was still about! LOL Also he didn't have the figures for an Altezza so he tried putting the amount needed for the Lexus IS200 (think he said 0.6?) into the machine but it only took half of it.

The air con is actually working at the moment but he said to come back when his boss isnt there and he can do it properly by vacuum and getting everything out of there and then refilling it but I need to find out what the correct amount for an Altezza is please :)

Cheers guys :)