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CHECK ENGINE LIGHT AND TC light flashing -

Posted: Fri Jun 14, 2013 8:11 am
by onmyowncloud
I decided to open this thread as a helpful troubleshooter for the problem I'm facing. I was at a traffic at a stop and the tc light started flashing and Check Engine light came on. I went to shift into 1st gear and move. as I applied acceleration, the car died. wouldn't start right back up, however leaving off for a second, the car turned over and started.but as soon as you apply acceleration it bogs and dies. I was able to milk the clutch to get it to move and off the side of the road. Mechanic took it in. Not sure if he ran the codes, but they said the butterfly valve went out and the Throttle body was bad. Replaced and car has no more throttle acceleration issues, however the Check engine light and Traction control is still showing errors. I tried to reset the ECU, which in turn did. turned it over 4 times then shut it down for the night as it was still showing the error lights (This will be referred to LIMP mode as it happens when the electronics find a fault and to protect this beautiful precious engine, the computer puts it at a position which is the least harmful if the car is running). On a side note, not sure yet if the Mechanic installed something incorrectly but there is excessive play in the throttle cable and to get response from the engine, you have to depress the gas pedal to 50%. So I talked to a buddy as Altezzas are a dime a dozen here in Okinawa (none in junkyards when you want to salvage parts though). He had similar issues and it turned out to be the VVTI actuator. Now the previous owner had alot of performance work done to the car to make it faster. I added an aftermarket intake (Blitz Sonic Power). It has aftermarket 4-2-1 headers and a full exhaust system by greddy. as well as some internal components the original owner wasn't completely sure what was done ( He's a business owner and just gave his car to someone and paid about 10-15k for the work. Not car savvy.

Now to pull all I said back on track, my mech said that the ECU is going bad. I will have a second opinion as I have a guy who is going to look at the Error codes and is known for his knowledge on Altezzas on Monday. I will update once I have the answer.

One more note: even with the current issues, I can tell the difference in the new Throttle body. This puppy is going to be even more sic as it was rediculously fast before replacing the throttle body (which turned out to be not working properly the whole time and enormous carbon build up inside the TB.

Gas pedal needs depressed halfway to get response from engine
Check Engine and Traction control lights( TC intermittently )
Power below 5000 rpms is very sluggish, but pulls as normal above 5. Don't worry 6 spd M/T which can handle which redlines above 9k.

Re: CHECK ENGINE LIGHT AND TC light flashing -

Posted: Thu Jul 18, 2013 11:55 pm
by Vanter
Im listening out for your reply as im experencing the same problem right now and need some help.

Re: CHECK ENGINE LIGHT AND TC light flashing -

Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2013 2:38 am
by onmyowncloud
Ok .... sorry for the delay. I held off on the ECU until the last possible minute (and when I had a bit of cash) and ended up finding one in a Junkyard with the exact model I have. I bought the ECU for ¥5000. Got home swapped the unit reset the ECU and started it up and instantly the same problem. ODB2 still shoots out the Throttle body. I checked the voltages across the ECU (which my ECU turned out to be TUNED by mines ****BONUS!!!! Serial plated and all) and couldn't get the voltage on the TPS sensor to below 1.1 volts. Technical specs say it should be at .7. The shop which told me it was the Throttle body and then the ECU now has the car back again, and they decided to test everything (which I wish they would have before) I left the schematics with the voltages so that maybe they could use them to help troubleshoot (their Japanese and the schematics I have were in English but still for the 3sge SXE10. Funny thing is that I'm starting to think if the ECU isn't bad, what are the correct Mine's Specs on the ECU LOL

So from that point I am still waiting on an answer as to what is wrong. The only reason I am sticking with the same mechanic is they have always been good to me. At the drop of a hat they pick my car up and give me a loaner car for free. If I don't have the cash I can still take the car and pay it later.... no interest They treat me like family as we join in Bar B ques and such. Again, hopefully the wait won't be as long but I will update as soon as I get an answer.

Re: CHECK ENGINE LIGHT AND TC light flashing -

Posted: Fri Jul 19, 2013 9:29 am
by daveo
imho it has something to do with the abs and traction control. i removed the abs from my drift car last week meaning no abs and no traction. the trc light is flashing and abs light is on since then along with engine check light. i also had the problem you are having with the trottle body and having to press your pedal 50 % of the way down to get a response. my opinion here would be that you still have trottle body issues as i had to replace mine twice last week with the same issues. had her out on track sunday and she was going all day without any problems. you seem to be going through a lot of time and money to find the problem. would you not just bite the bullet and take it into a good toyota main dealer and let them check it out?? at the end of the day im sure they have come across and solved this problem before.

Re: CHECK ENGINE LIGHT AND TC light flashing -

Posted: Sat Jul 20, 2013 2:21 am
by onmyowncloud
Got an update yesterday. Called the mechanic. Said it will be two more days and it will be finished. Turns out the rebuilt Throttle body (which they swore was good leading to the it must be the ECU) had some problems with the butterfly valve as well. I couldn't decipher all of his japanese as he was driving and the wind was blowing in the phone. But again he said it was something with the throttle body, which is what both the ODB2 and Toyota said, leading me to believe that the ECU wasn't bad. As a matter of fact I can honestly say I know noone in Japan who has ever had an 1998 Altezza ECU go bad before. That includes searching forums and such.

We'll see in two days if the problem is fixed.

I'll keep you posted.

Re: CHECK ENGINE LIGHT AND TC light flashing -

Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2013 9:34 am
by onmyowncloud
UPDATE *****

My car is back on the road and running. Turned out that the replacement Throttle body was bad as well.

I'm still a little unsure about the ECU as the vehicle came back working with the additional ECU I picked up. After I got the car home, I put my ECU back in and the Check engine light came back on again. I immediately replaced it with the other ECU and the check engine light is off.

Upside...... My car is working......

Downside ..... With the stock ECU in the car and not my Mine's configured ECU, I only get about 7900 RPMS. My ECU pushed to 8500+. You wouldn't think that 600 RPMS is much but the shift point is about 600 RPMS below IDEAL with the stock ECU so I git a momentary lag.... This is 10ths of a second negligible considering I do not do anything special (racing, drifting, etc.) but it's noticeable and is driving me nuts. I contacted Mines and have yet to hear back from them in regards to the ECU not working with my current configuration.

I will update once I hear back from them.

Re: CHECK ENGINE LIGHT AND TC light flashing -

Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2013 2:38 pm
by mlcoolj
good to see that the car is at least running again!

Re: CHECK ENGINE LIGHT AND TC light flashing -

Posted: Tue Sep 30, 2014 6:28 am
by ronniehq93
Hey, guys. My Tezza started givin' the same problem like a week or two ago. Ever since after that, sometimes it will move completely perfect, but sometimes it will move fine for a while then it will lose power. The engine check light will come on and the traction light will keep blinkin'. It's worryin' me and I don't know what to do.

So, wiith you, was it the ECU that got messed right? Should I consider mine is messed and get another one and replace it? Or should I consider somethin' else might be messed and not the ECU?

The problem is that; in the country I am, as long as someone knows how to use a spanner, they begin to call themselves a professional mechanic. For which i just found out recently through my car problem, lol. So, I took my car to different guys or "professionals", rather. Each one at a time; and each one started guessin' what the problem could be.. Each one had a different answer, one says the air flow sensor, the other says fuel pump, the other says coils, spark plugs, and so on. It's quite irritatin'. More irritatin' are the guys with the diagnosin' machine, whoever has that machine - whenever I go to 'em - it's like their laptop or the diagnosis machine just dies or developes a fault naturally. How ironic. Even the Toyota shop we have here is useless. You send a workin' car for service, you get it back with atleast one thin' spoiled (that happened to me). And they're expensive as hell.

So, I'm like really stuck on the crappy side. Don't know what to do.

Need help, guys.

Re: CHECK ENGINE LIGHT AND TC light flashing -

Posted: Mon Oct 27, 2014 9:47 am
by mlcoolj
you can diagnose it yourself with the paperclip method, have a search on this site and get that done.. from there on maybe there could be some help for you if you get the codes out of it...

Re: CHECK ENGINE LIGHT AND TC light flashing -

Posted: Sat Jun 25, 2016 3:34 am
by Drugzlord
mlcoolj wrote:you can diagnose it yourself with the paperclip method, have a search on this site and get that done.. from there on maybe there could be some help for you if you get the codes out of it...

I was reading all the problems and the solutions you guys were posting. I'm new to the Altezza world as well but its one of my dream car. I Polly urithene the front control arms today and changed the two front strut as well. When I got back the car. The TRC light always blinking and abs is always on. Tried ecu reset from battery didn't work. Checked if any wires got pulled out from the abs. But still intact. So need HELP PLZ!!!!

Re: CHECK ENGINE LIGHT AND TC light flashing -

Posted: Sat Jun 25, 2016 9:50 am
by ThatGuy
I'd try and get the codes read and see whats actually we g with it. A while ago I had the engine light on a the TRC flashing as I was playing with ny throttle body and tps, so even thiugh the TRC light was flashing it wasn't anything to do with that, it's just saying that theres a fault somewhere.
Also just try googling it as there's probably someone that's had the same problem in the NZ site, hope you get it sorted thiugh bud :)

Re: CHECK ENGINE LIGHT AND TC light flashing -

Posted: Mon Jul 25, 2016 5:45 pm
by Drugzlord
Hey that guy.. I found the problem still did fix it but I went to Polly the two front control arms. Looks like the mechanic strained the abs wire on the left front wheel which I recently learned controls the TRC and abs. So just got to check the sensor and wire.