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Elegance or as people call trd lip/skirts rubber's

Posted: Fri Apr 13, 2012 9:19 am
by mike_01
Hi all, after finding out toyota don't do this rubber I have found a company who can replicate it in a black silicone rubber which will last longer.
Cost would be a one off 90 British pounds = 108.95 Euros for tooling to make rubber
A 50metre minimum order which would be 5 British pounds = 6.05 Euros per metre is needed
All prices would be without vat and delivery.

I would order the rubber to me, cut as per customer request + bit extra and ship to you
Sideskirts will measure today
rear lip will measure today
front lip? could someone measure there front lip and pm me the length

Please keep all inquiries to pm and will amend this thread accordingly