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Replacing IS200 Battery?????????

Posted: Sun Oct 28, 2012 12:32 pm
by GLexus
Hey everyone, hope you're all having a good day!

I have just been out to start my car which has been sat for a week and the battery is as dead as a dodo!!! The other week it struggled to start after I was sat in it for a while with the stereo on too, I would say the battery needs replacing!!!!!

Things is I know the battery is not the original battery and was bought from a scrap yard so it's probably crap, but it might not be the right battery for the car?!?

Can anyone tell me how to check what battery I need or how to check what the battery is that's in it??? I wouldn't mind putting in a better, more powerful battery as plan to change a few things which could put a bigger pull on it???

I'll appreciate any kind of info or help.

Thanks in advance guys, Glenn

Re: Replacing IS200 Battery?????????

Posted: Sat Feb 09, 2013 9:48 am
by Donkeymc06
It sounds like you have a drain on the system, I'd do a few tests before you go changing anything, I'd definitly get the battery tested but id do a battery drain test as well. Chances are the battery could b starting to fail alright, but id just get everything checked as well, id even check the alternators charging properly aswell, it doesn't take long, probably not your problem but just to be sure.

If you are changing the battery Yausa have its 005 listed, its the same as the 65D23L, its a 60Amp/hour battery with a CCA of 450Amps

As for putting in a bigger battery, once your cars started its the alternator that that provides all the power, the battery's only there to start the car, and keep memories alive in certain cases. if your putting in something that's going to be a major draw, id put in a bigger alternator. see what your own one can handle first tho