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Front tyres wearing on the inside

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Re: Front tyres wearing on the inside

Postby lanigan » Thu Nov 19, 2009 8:38 pm

@Evelyn: If you're really badly stuck i'd chance second hand like i did, not ideal but in times of need...... just make sure the car didnt get a smack

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Re: Front tyres wearing on the inside

Postby Evelyn » Thu Nov 19, 2009 9:48 pm

I probably will end up doing that, I normally dont cut corners but I am afraid theres too many bills coming together and needs must :cry:

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Re: Front tyres wearing on the inside

Postby greeneyes » Sun Nov 22, 2009 10:59 am

Guys as far as I know the answer is simple-


The inner tyre wear on the front is caused by toe-out, castor doesn't affect it, and the whole Altezza/IS200 chassis has minimal toe-in settings listed from the factory. They should have narrowed the acceptable range and biased it to more toe-in.

As soon as you lower the car you get negative camber and to counteract the slight inner wear caused from this you need more toe-in than you had. There are plenty of lowered cars around that don't wear the insides out- they may wear tyres out faster, but they wear evenly.

On top of this every second person who lowers their car never gets an alignment done, and the actual process of lowering it adds toe-out to the stock setup.

On top of this again, every second guy in a wheel alignment shop is just a monkey who looks for the green tick on the computer and says "She''ll be right mate" without seeing where it is in the range of toein/out angles Toyota deem allowable.

So if you stand by the guy doing the alignment and watch, ask him questions and learn all you can, make him put the toe-in settings towards the toe-in end of the scale, not in the towards toe-out end. Stock toe is 0deg 5min, +/-5min, so that's anywhere from straight ahead to 10min toe-in.

If you see any uneven wear on your monthly check of all your tyres, grab a spanner and move it a 1/4 turn on the steering arm in the approporiate direction, or pop it back for the guy to adjust a little. If you find a really good Tech hang onto him, because they're like gold dust!

More here- ... owtopic=49

Check out how many cars had toe-out in the "before" figures!

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