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Front Camber Setting / Wheel Alignment?

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Front Camber Setting / Wheel Alignment?

Postby RS Tom-Hundred » Tue Jun 14, 2016 12:00 pm

To cut a very long story, (relatively) short

I had the standard inner tyre wear on front tyres but also had more extreme wear on the drivers side. I put a new lower ball joint on (cos boot was split) and also did the castor arm bushes cos they looked a bit perished. i then took the car to be aligned and gave them the Wheels in Motion settings to use instead of standard (which should solves the normal level of tyre wear). Unfortunately, they couldn't get the camber for the front drivers side anywhere near though.

So although I couldn't find any excessive play anywhere, there was a potential for a tiny bit in the drivers control arm inner bush so replaced both of them last week. Whilst doing it I noticed the camber bolt was set pretty far inwards, compared to the recently set up passenger side one (that would explain the excessive inner wear on the drivers side). i set it back to where it was before for now though.

So my question/help Im after is to find out where others have them set up please and even better if you can post up a photo of the bolt? What Im after doing is seeing if now I have new bushes, I can swing the camber arm out to a setting to match the Wheels in Motion settings. I wanna get it closer and then take it somewhere to have it aligned properly but dont wanna mess things up! To add more urgency to this, I have got a screw in the tyre and although it isnt losing air, I mdriving on borrowed time BUT dont want to put my new Toyo tyres on until I have got it set up at lest somewhere near as the Toyos will wear badly and waste that money if I do! LOL

This is my positions at the moment (showing on the bolt/washer at the front side of the car [nut side])

Passenger side (this should be the correct camber for WIM settings and set at about -0.2°according to my wheel alignment sheet)

Drivers side (this camber position somewhere near what it was before, when they said that it was at -1.60° so is probably way out!)

I think the drivers side one needs to be turned almost fully so that the nut is closest to the inside rather than the outside like it is now?

Makes me wonder if a previous owner had big wheels fitted and set with more negative camber to make them clear the arches maybe? From the dirt/clean marks I suspect the passenger side was originally set with more negative camber too? Still seems odd the guys I couldn't adjust the drivers side though so not convinced they knew what they were doing!!

Can anyone advise me please or take a photo of the drivers side front washer on the camber bolt to show the setting they have please?

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