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Rear Suspension Torque Specs

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Rear Suspension Torque Specs

Postby stabby » Fri Dec 18, 2015 3:24 am

I'm trying to find the rear suspension torque specs for the Altezza.
So for the rear lower arm, upper arm, toe control and traction rod.
What also would be helpful is the torque specs where the differential bolts on to, exhaust etc. Basically everything from the rear :)

Just wanting to do the fastening of the bolts by the book instead of just tightening it by feel.
So far I have found for the front suspension where the steering rack and control arms are bolted and the engine bay -->
The front suspension and steering is however for a IS300. But since they are basically the same I assume it is safe to say that we can use that.

Any input is appreciated.
1999 Altezza RS200-Z

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