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Altezza Front Lower Control Arm Dimensions Needed Please :)

Want to know what to brakes/springs to buy?
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Matt K
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Altezza Front Lower Control Arm Dimensions Needed Please :)

Postby Matt K » Tue Jan 13, 2015 12:56 am

Wanting to know the length of the FLCA pretty much from end to end, maybe center hole to center hole if you can be bothered; just wanting to see if there's any difference between jzx series lca's. Comparison pics would be good, as i haven't measured mine (i cbf atm in this heat)

I f*** up and hit a bank in my jzx90 mark 2, fixed it up with cable ties and replaced the caster arms with altezza ones.

been rolling like this for all of a year with a bent drivers lca, and was wondering, instead of going aftermarket or extending my arms, if the altezza lca's are longer?

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