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Adding some low end Torque to your Altezza

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Adding some low end Torque to your Altezza

Postby Dan » Sun Mar 04, 2007 12:36 pm

Alright, I know most of you will shout and cry and ask why my car has got no low end power. Here's a few things you could try to improve this
Step One

Apex-i Power Intake with Aluminum Heatshield - . This intake design will improve air flow compare to the bad design old airbox on your stock vehicle. You will need the heatshield to get rid of all the hot air from your engine bay.

Step Two

Improve 4-2-1 Header - You will want a improve design 4-2-1 headers manifold to improves exhuast airflow to increase low end torque and slight high end power. If you are planning for 4-1 headers it is mainly for race use only and it would be a pain to use on city roads.

Step Three

Barrel Type exhaust - Go for Barrel type exhaus to gain even more torque with conjuction to your intake / headers. Reason why you do not want N1 is because it is noisey and also you will loose low end power which is not exactly wwhat you want to spend money for.

Step Four

Apex-i S-AFC II/ Apexi Neo - This is a piggy back fuel ECU to understand your cars airflow so that all your new airflow mods are working to its full potential!!! It would be the best to get it after all your airflow mods are completed so that you do not have to get it tuned everytime you got a new mod.

I found that with my induction Kit fitted without adding the Apexi Neo or similar piggyback fuel ECU you dont actually get much of an increase in performance. So you should get all ur air flow mods done and then either upgrade the ecu or Get an Apexi Neo fitted and get your car re-tuned to account for all the mods.

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