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Manual or Auto?

Anything related to cars

Do you've a Manual or Automatic 'Tezza?

Total votes: 16

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Manual or Auto?

Postby Dizz » Sun Mar 04, 2007 2:47 pm

After the rolling road day I was just wondering how many autos are around seen as we got such a good turn out of manuals...

So which are you???

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Postby Noel » Sun Mar 04, 2007 11:07 pm

probably just me... :cry:

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Postby RS200DAN » Mon Mar 05, 2007 9:32 am

there is alot of autos around kildare , but im manual

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Postby endapender » Mon Mar 05, 2007 10:17 am

mine is manual too but I have see one or two auto's around here

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Postby Gerbo » Mon Mar 05, 2007 12:45 pm

Manual :)

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Postby Mr. Tezza » Mon Mar 05, 2007 5:23 pm

Mines a manual, a lot of the ones i'd seen before gettin mine were autos, esp in england

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Postby MacRS200 » Mon Mar 05, 2007 7:43 pm

Mines auto cos manuals are like "rocking horse poo" over here as you can't get them through the ESVA without spending more than the car is worth. You guys are lucky, but having said that travelling around London the auto is less work.

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Postby daws » Tue Mar 13, 2007 6:23 pm

manual all da way
Turbo power!!

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