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Car use network device

Posted: Tue May 05, 2015 7:14 am
by skylione
There are many ways that people could spy on us, and in many situations that this skind of spying will cause trouble to us. For example, when we are talking business with our customers, or when we are trying on clothes in the fitting room of a shopping mall, if there is a spy camera spying on us, it will make us feel really insecure. To keep us away of that problem and live a more secure life, we developed wireless video jammer. When you turn on a wireless video jammer, it is no need for you to worry about the spying camera any more.

Now let us to instroduce you some of our popular wireless video jammer. First, we have 2015 new product: the latest Portable Wireless Blocker for Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and Wireless Video Camera Jammer. It transmits on three primary frequencies: block all nearby Wi-Fi network activity, Bluetooth devices and wireless video camera signals. Turned on signal blocker, it will offer security for the area about 15 meters radius. Once it is turned off, it re-established all the wireless network activity automatically. It also has additional functions that it can jam spy camera and audio bug blocker with isolating Signal Bandwidth: 1.0G (895-1000MHz), 1.2G (1195-1300MHz) and 2.4G (2395-2500MHz). It has compact size, which can be held by your hand. It runs on AC power or battery power. If you are looking for a portable Wireless Video Jammer, this one is your best choice. More over, it jammer wifi jammer as well.

Then, let's take a look at the High Power Wireless Video and Wi-Fi Jammer. This Wireless Video Jammer is only larger than a pack of cigarettes, it could be the smallest portable jammer you've ever seen. Once activated, it will disable all wireless video camera, wireless LANS and Bluetooth in a 20 meters radius. The frequency range covered by the jammer are 900M (895MHZ-1005MHZ), 1200M (1195MHZ-1305MHZ) and 2400M (2395-2505MHZ), covering all video cameras mentioned. The highlight is that it is small enough to be concealed in a pocket, carry-on bag, briefcase etc. That is to say, it can be used inconspicuously.

Besides of the above two Wireless Video Jammers, we also offer the 5 Band Portable Wi-Fi Wireless Cell Phone Jammer, Portable Wireless Blocker for wifi blocker, Bluetooth, Wireless Video Audio Jammer. You could find more information our website, where we have prepared many Wireless Video Jammers for worldwide customers. Whenever you are in need of such kind of jammers, you are welcome to come to our website or contact us by email. In our website, you can easily pick up the one that suits you most.

Re: Car use network device

Posted: Sat Jun 06, 2015 7:14 am
by MiquelAgreste
wireless video jammer can ban spy camera or bug only