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Bonjour tous

Please post up a quick introduction about yourself here first before posting in any of the other sections. Enjoy the site
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Bonjour tous

Postby lee_iceman » Tue Mar 06, 2007 5:26 pm

Not strictly a Tezza but similar looking :roll:
The sites looking pretty busy already.

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Postby Dizz » Tue Mar 06, 2007 5:37 pm

Haha ah sure we'll allow ya on anyway lol :lol:

Despite the title it's not specificaly for Altezzas it's all Lexus models really :wink:

Welcome to the site mate, yet again thanks for coming over to the rolling road day :D

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Postby anto » Tue Mar 06, 2007 5:42 pm

welcome along happy posting :)

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