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Your sat nav not working

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Your sat nav not working

Postby Dan » Sun May 04, 2008 9:58 pm

So you have just picked up your car, you noticed it has the factory Toyota sat nav system. However these system are only designed to work in Japan and NOT over here, your car still thinks your in Japan! so its actually a pointless extra. One company i know of offers to convert these to UK English GPS Satellite Navigation, but i think it works out over a thousand euro by the time you drive over and back and pay for the conversion. You need the original head unit in fully working order to get this conversion

More information can be found HERE

There is no way to use this screen for playing dvd's etc, since it doesn't have enough colours or any inputs for after market devices. An alternative is to replace the screen in the factory housing with an after market screen.

There is also no way to get the TV function working properly , it may roughly pick up some terrestrial stations, but you will need to replace the NTSC TV tuner located behind the carpet on the right hand side of the boot with a PAL tuner and some custom made wiring.

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