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OEM navi motionlock – Free and easy override solution!

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OEM navi motionlock – Free and easy override solution!

Postby Sonnet » Mon Dec 17, 2007 2:12 pm

Hi everybody,

today I want to share a solution for another annoying problem with my Lexus IS MK I and I hope it will work in an Altezza to. If it's woking- > brilliant, if not... sorry!

The motion lock of the OEM satnav!

After surfing for nights and nights thru various lexus enthusiast boards I found a possible solution in – again – an American board.

Most of you know probably all the videos from people who where already able to override this dammed motion lock which prevent you from typing in address in your satnav while driving. The problem with these solutions were all the time, that they were done in the RX, LS or GS on a satnav wit a touchscreen. For that reason it was not possible to use it in an IS WITHOUT a touch screen.

Some other solutions worked only on US Lexus models and not on the European models.

Then I found something different, which is so easy that EVERYBODY can activate this solution on his Lexus IS MK I OEM satnav and it’s working on my german IS 300 Sportcross from 2003.
Mates that's so cooool!!! :D

Waiting for european IS MK 1 - and hopefully for Altezza - driver has reached the end

The good news are that this solution:

- is for free
- can be activated in under 15 seconds
- does not need to modify you car electric
- does not need to cut wires
- does not cut the speedometer signal

The bad news are (there are always at least one):

- The hidden override function can only be activated while the car is not in motion (but it stays activated until you switch off the ignition)
- It has to be activated every time after the car has startet (ignition switch to on)

But activation is so easy, that you got it quickly in your mind…. Once activated ist doesn't matter if you start or stop your navigation system untill you switch of the ignition. Then it has to be activated again (as said befor it can be done in at least 15 seconds)

OK how does it work right now? The trick is that there is a secret menu in the OEM satnav which is only used for maintenance. This menu looks like that:

In this usual hidden menu you can activate the “Override” function and then……yes then you can drive & put in your destination at the same time.

The activate this menu just follow the below standing stepps (car has to be NOT in motion)

1. Press the "MENU" button
2. Select and press the "DVD" or “CD” icon on the right hand side at very top of the screen

You should see the ver. of software you are currently using.

Do the following things with the youstick (no beeps will be heart)

3. Press the "UP" arrow on the joystick once
4. Press the "DOWN" arrow on the joystick once
5. Press the "UP" arrow on the joystick once
6. Press the "DOWN" arrow on the joystick once
7. Press the "RIGHT" arrow on the joystick once

You should now see the "secret" menu

8. Press and Hold the "OVERRIDE" until the icon turns green.
9. Press the "BACK" icon on the right hand side at very top of the screen
10. Press the “MAP” button to go back to the regular navigation mode

You may now enjoy driving & inputting your destination at the same time!

Please do NOT use any other function in the secret menu beside “Override” In the US board people who have tested around complain about that the whole system has switched to Japanese after pressing other options on the screen. The Lexus dealer was able to reset the system – unfortunately not for free!

So enjoy your 100% usable satnav like me and have fun

Best regards from Berlin


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