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weird sound from behind climate control

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Re: weird sound from behind climate control

Postby poTTa » Fri Aug 17, 2012 6:26 am

It's a bit of work but it's not difficult
but i worked with my mechanic for the entire time
The metal by the way and the paint/silicon on it is very thin and weak

You have to unbolt the engine harness, move it out of the way
Remove the power steering pump
drain the reservoir
drain the radiator
only remove the top hose of the radiator
undo all the bolts for the water outlet metal flange...16331
you will see the metal gasket...16341
replace with new gasket or do like what i did...scrape off old silicon and apply High Temperature Gasket maker to gasket and re-fit

For the thermostat
undo the back housing of the thermostat...16321
check rubber seal for thermostat's a large "O" type seal....16346
install new thermostat
reverse process and put everything back in place

then to refill coolant undo the inlet hose from the heater to the block, the line lowest in my previous pic...16297
pour coolant in radiator until it starts to come through the hose and re-secure

clean engine bay around area of work and monitor for leaks for the next few days
the coolant i use is orange in was how i determined exactly where the leak was...

honestly i guessed that the thermostat was defective...and it was only until we removed it that we knew for sure...the rubber flange in the thermostat was deteriorated entirely

it's not so hard after you look back at it
2004 RS200 Z


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