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by Bubbles-Tezza
Thu Jun 05, 2008 7:03 pm
Forum: Club Events
Topic: Donegal International Rally 2008
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Donegal International Rally 2008

Hey guys is there any1 comin to the rally for the wkend??
If so and interested in abit of messin about pm me and il let use no where we meet or were to find us.
Cars need to be in good shape eg. tyres, tax, insurance, nct, plates
There will be loads of cops about so needs to be on the QT.
by Bubbles-Tezza
Thu Jun 05, 2008 6:51 pm
Forum: Engine & Transmission section
Topic: sqeaky clutch
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Had that problem 2,
its nothin to worry about if it only squeeks when puttin in and out clutch.
There a sleeve cylinder with a rubber bushing at gearbox under car.
Pull back rubber cover and spray wd40 or equivlant on cylinder and that should b sorted!
by Bubbles-Tezza
Thu Jun 05, 2008 6:45 pm
Forum: Engine & Transmission section
Topic: For those running E85...
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Hey guys,
Does E85 improve preformance or loose it??
Thinking on buyin 1 of those kits?
Can you run unleaded after installin the kit?

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